Carré des Jardiniers

Anne Cabrol - Les gens heureux

Carré des Jardiniers 2017's finalist


Founded 54 years ago, TARVEL now has 16 agencies in France, 475 staff - and also 450 sheep! We mostly work with public authorities, companies, public and private financial backers and property developers. Our know-how covers all aspects of landscaping from layouts to maintenance. We are deeply committed to customer service and have a passion for plants and environmental protection.

Since 2010, I have been conveying these values with TARVEL. I have double qualifications both as a florist and in computer graphics for landscaping. I have worked in and with plants for 22 years. Since July 2017 I have been on the staff of our Research & Development unit and am responsible for advising our agencies on garden designs and for developing new garden-based offers. I love my job. Nature is one source of inspiration but others are graphics, design and art. This approach is what makes TARVEL’s proposals different.

Her project : « Les gens heureux »


I propose the “happy people” garden with several spaces dedicated to feelings: a cocooning approach, a feeling of peace and getting back to nature. The whole imagined around angular graphics resembling the molecule oxytocin - the hormone generating pleasure and wellbeing.

Through this garden, I would like you, the visitors, to enter into yourselves to restore your balance and the key to your personal wellbeing. You start by removing your shoes to visit the garden barefoot and commune with nature, discovering the feelings of wellbeing walking on soft, comfortable moss.

Perhaps you will take a book to read during your time-out in this cocoon? Perhaps you will listen to some watery noises? In most cultures, water symbolises vital energy and is essential for wellbeing. Perhaps you will go directly to join other visitors in a friendly setting at the end of the garden? Or let your emotions rip by producing a vegetable tag? The important thing is for everyone to find their personal balance.

I decided to work with raw materials. Concrete evokes the presence of man, the coppered aspect adds friendly dimensions by its simultaneously soft and lively colour… and last but not least, wood to establish the link between the materials and the plants that were chosen for their structures but also for their medicinal virtues…

I hope that you will have as much pleasure when you discover this garden as I had designing it.

Her team for the contest

  • Damien BONNEFOY, multi-skilled, he is perfectionist and meticulous and excels in the job well done ... He has already worked on the Jardins Jardin fair.
  • David GARCIA : Expert gardener, he is also multi-skilled on the trades of the garden. He is dynamic and loves to work on extraordinary projects.
  • Clément PETAUD, Gardener, eager to learn, he is nourished by experiences to always discover new things… He excels in all fields of landscaping.
  • Pierre CANDELIER : Apprentice at Tarvel for a year. His vivacity and his motivation will be welcomes to succeed and enjoy this beautiful adventure.

Her company

Anne Cabrol
Tarvel (69)

Her suppliers



  1. Avril Industrie - Stand 4F126
  2. Domaine De Chapelan – Stand 4G78
  3. Knauf - Stand 4K122
  4. Kubota - Stand 5C82
  5. Lycée Horticole De Dardilly – Stand 5C61

  6. MGE – Stand 5C81
  7. Natura’lis Cimelak – Stand 4D69
  8. Plattard - 4K122
  9. Samse – Stand 4K122
  10. Solvert – Stand 4C38
  1. Corne
  2. Racine
  3. Segex Energie
  4. Secatra
  5. Serfim
  6. Toro
  7. Vegetal Contact

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