The Paysalia Trophies

Organized by the Unep, these trophies reward products or services which innovate from a technical or design point of view or contribute to sustainable development of two prices :

  • The Innovation Trophy
  • The Sustainable Development Trophy.

In 2015, the jury, chaired the President of the Plant and City Scientific Council, have selected 6 finalists from the products exhibited in the Innovations Space. 

For this edition, the Trophées Paysalia Innovations was presented on December 5th, 2017 on the Espace des Ceremonies, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The Paysalia Trophies 2017 winners

Sustainable Development Trophy


  • 1st price awarded by NOVA-FLORE for its "Dahlia Pollen Connect"
  • 2nd price awarded by PELLENC SA for its Batterie Lithium ion ULiB 1500
  • 3rd price awarded by FLORENTAISE for its Ecolabel professionnal substrates range


Innovation Trophy


  • 1st price awarded by BIOLINE AGROSCIENCES FRANCE for its Tricholine Buxus
  • 2nd price awarded by S20EQUIPMENTS for its S20protech
  • 3rd price awarded by TERRA FERMA for its le.mur.jardin


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