Paysalia Innovations Trophies 2017: a look back at six award-winners!

30 Jan 2018

The Paysalia trade show closed its doors after three days rich in emotion. Featuring many highlights, this year’s event brought together many exhibitors and a large audience of professionals. The high point of the show, the Paysalia Innovations Trophies, once again honored innovations for the environment. Let’s look back at a ceremony celebrating audacious ideas and discover some of the winners!


Spotlight on the ‘Sustainable development’ category

  • Drumroll please! The first prize was awarded to the Nova-Flore business, which had already attracted attention by growing flowers in unlikely places: the roofs of buildings, vacant lots and cracks in tarmac, for example. This time, Nova-Flore won over the jury with a surprising new species: Dahlia Pollen Connect! Like a superhero, this variety of flower is endowed with exceptional capacities: resistant to diseases, it displays superb foliage and many flowers, which are irresistible to bees. And, the cherry on the cake, it requires less water and fertilizer.
Winning this trophy has been extremely positive for us, more especially as we benefited from Paysalia to launch this new range and to win the prize confirms the value of our innovation as our concept has been judged by a jury and is considered to be innovative. A great way to launch a range!
Cindy Chaplain - Novaflore

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  • The second prize was awarded to Pellenc SA. This business impressed by offering innovative, economical and environmentally friendly batteries: the ULiB 1500 and 1200 models come with a comfortable harness and offer unparalleled energy storage capacity. Waterproof and autonomous, you can use them in a lawn mower for five hours without having to recharge them. With a lifespan of over five years, they are 80% recyclable. And thanks to their ergonomic qualities, they’re gentle on the backs of landscape contractors!
"It is such an honor to have won this Paysalia Innovations award in the sustainable development category. The Paysalia exhibition allows us to exchange with users, to get feedback on their needs and their feelings, in order to present them reliable products that meet their expectations."
Claire Lacroix - Pellenc SA

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  • For the third prize, it was a range of professional compost developed by Florentaise that convinced the jury. This type of peat-free potting soil is perfectly in tune with sustainable development: by replacing the peat with a new fiber called Turbofibre®, it diminishes carbon emissions. An innovation that protects our planet, while offering excellent efficiency!
Winning this trophy is a perfect opportunity to widely communicate about our innovative breeding grounds. Our sales team is relatively small: such a fair and its significant trade press coverage give us the chance to reach a very broad public—users, customers and prospects likely to use our products.
Thomas Baudoin - Florentaise

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Focus on the latest garden innovations in the ‘New product’ category

  • Beating many worthy competitors in the Paysalia Innovations Trophies, Bioline Agrosciences France has developed an effective solution to overcome the boxwood moth. A true plague, this invasive species from the hot countries of Asia ravages vegetation. After conducting an in-depth study, the company managed to control this nocturnal moth using Tricholine Buxus. Natural and safe, this solution is composed of insects called trichogramma: these predators prevent the development of the moth’s eggs.
It is a great pleasure to win a prize like this as it rewards everyone who worked on the project - highly satisfying! I hope that the recognition of our product via this prize will be also increased recognition by users of new solutions to fight box tree moths with natural, environmentally-friendly solutions in the spirit of sustainable development.
Sébastien Rousselle - Bioline Agrosciences France

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  • In second place, we find the high performance drying cabinet created by S20 Equipments. With its ingenious aeraulic system in a semi-closed circuit, it’s possible to dry professional clothes and boots quickly – and make odors disappear! Ideal for teams working in the cold and rain, this cabinet improves working conditions and reduces musculo-skeletal disorders. So it’s dry clothes all round, even after a downpour!
It’s the first time we’ve shown at Paysalia and we are very glad to be here, particularly as we’ve won this superb trophy. The exhibitors are making the surroundings so pleasant. And the show is an opportunity to make contact with everyone involved in landscaping - clearly a priority target for us.
Philippe Boudard - S20 Industries

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  • The third winner in the ‘New product’ category, Terra Ferma, impressed the jury with their garden wall. Aesthetically pleasing, this clever innovation allows you to extend the space in your garden with vegetated walls. Viva the vertical! This novel wall allows you to plant on one or two facades while guaranteeing good sound insulation. Highly practical, this innovative concept made of concrete, recycled plastic and wood filters pollution while enhancing the landscape!
Winning this Paysalia Innovations trophy is very important for our company because this show attracts all our target group customers - landscape designers, landscapers and civic engineering services!
Victor Bourkov - Terra Ferma

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This year’s show, full of surprises, sends a strong, positive message for the environment and the future of the planet. All the award-winning businesses were dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to protect biodiversity and make day-to-day life easier for all. Once again, the Paysalia Innovations Trophies have put revolutionary projects center stage. We can’t wait for next Paysalia event!

Photo credit: Paysalia

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