Landscaping and gardening contests that help young designers to progress

18 Jun 2019

All the landscaping sector trades have difficulty in recruiting – but recruitment is vital to ensure the continuity and renewal of the profession. There is no better way to popularize the sector in the media than to organize landscaping and gardening contests for young designers and students. Here is a selection of good ideas used nationally in France and also throughout the world!


The WorldSkills

The only international trades competition is held every two years and hosts 1,300 challengers under 23, whatever their statute or training. Candidates are selected regionally and then nationally before competing in the European and World finals. In the plant-related trades, the young recruits demonstrate their know-how in floral art, horticulture, gardening and landscaping.

Largely popularized through the media, this event features 50 trades and champions are awarded medals recognized in their respective trades, opening onto jobs. The WorldSkills may be held in France in 2023 following an announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron and more particularly… in Lyon, home to Paysalia! 

The Album of Young Architects and Landscape Designers 

Make place for the architect and landscape designer trades! The “Ajap”, organized by the French Ministry of Culture, invites all eligible European candidates under the age of 35 to present an innovative project they have executed in France. An authentic photo of the contemporary scene, this biennial contest proposes 20 projects, 5 of which are in landscape design.

The projects are shown in a catalog and an exhibition. An important exposure for these young architects and landscape designers who are then contacted by owners and order givers!

Discover the 5 Ajap contest award-winning landscape designers!

The Festival des Jardins (garden festival)

This teaching project is held in the former kitchen gardens of the Royal Saltworks in Arc-et-Senans (France), registered as part of the UNESCO world heritage in 1952. About twenty schools take part each year in the creation of gardens chosen following invitations for projects. The teams, made up of 2 or 3 students, are asked to design and implement their gardens, guided by a tutor.

This festival is a real opportunity for discussions between the different teaching structures throughout the year – and a good way to valorize the remarkable site! In 2019 the gardens will focus on the theme “Woodstock from a garden point of view”. Flower Power!

The French National Plant Recognition Contest

Organized every two years by VAL'HOR and Unep, this French contest asks competitors to recognize plants from fresh samples. The candidates’ botanical skills are tested in regional contests before the Grand Final held during Paysalia at which the winner is awarded a trophy - and a financial allocation.

This contest highlights the horticultural and landscaping trades as well as the sector’s expertise while stimulating the interest of students in the plants which they will use throughout their careers. A unique opportunity to reinforce the bonds between academic training and professionals!

Click to see the Grand Final at Paysalia 2017!

The Carré des Jardiniers

Paysalia hosts the Carré des Jardiniers contest in which teams of professional landscape designers lay out exceptional gardens reflecting their ideas about the set of themes imposed. This gardening contest is centered on the key values of the landscaping sector: authenticity, talent, audacity, creativity, sustainability and sharing. Each team includes an apprentice and all young companies and landscape designers can participate.

This event, covered by the trade press, reveals new talents in the landscaping sector - and new trends. A good way for landscape designers to express their value-added!

Discover the theme for the Carré des Jardiniers 2019 garden contest: The Village Place

Public authorities and landscapers benefit from advertise their trades through this approach. Some, like Nantes in France, send their teams to the other end of the world to promote their heritage!

© Photo credit: Elisabeth Rull & Kasia Strek pour le salon Paysalia

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