Carré des Jardiniers 2017: final round professionals and gardens


In 2017, 4 professionals presented a garden at Paysalia:

Mathias Bonnin - Jardin du bien-être "Pour tous"


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mathias bonnin.jpg


Now 45, I entered the world of the gardening early thanks to my architect-landscape designer father and although I set out to be an athlete, my mind was also set on this profession. Following my diploma in 1996, I joined the family company.

I started my own company, Paysage Design, in 2004. Since then, I have worked alone on various types of projects - public parks and gardens, educational and medical gardens, touristic and urban gardens and also for private homes which I really prefer.


Every day the quest for new ideas and new landscape decors makes me progress. For me, the wellbeing wrought by the environment is paramount. This is why the Carré des Jardiniers is a new challenge, and as always I will meet it body and soul.

His project : « Pour tous »

For me a garden is a source of wellbeing - a continuity of living space. One can, of course, augment this wellbeing by composing these surroundings by associating different elements.

Water, plants and minerals are the three main factors that make up beautiful landscapes but they have to be combined successfully to release their Elixir of Wellbeing!

mathias bonnin - projet.PNG

My garden is for everyone. I want visitors to laze on the benches and take time out from the present moment of Paysalia. The sound of cascading water, the several types of foliage and the presence of different materials will create several ambiences and every visitor can choose a particular place matching their own mood to make the most of this moment of relaxation. An audio system and a video projector will encourage flights of fantasy to landscapes all over the world.

A garden is also an ideal place to read a good book sprawled on the grass, in a hammock or a familiar deckchair, slightly worn because left outside during the winter!

A small library will encourage visitors to take a book and relax. The ground will be sown with grass and big pebble-shaped cushions to encourage visitors to sit.

When everything is going well people think “This is Happiness”. For me “This is Wellbeing”, whatever the size of the garden.

His team

  • Pierrick FOURNIER, employee at Girardeau Espaces Verts
  • Benjamin PERDIGAL, apprentice at Girardeau Espaces Verts
  • François BONNIN (his father), retired landscape architect
  • Serge ZAPULLA (his faithful friend), computer scientist and sound creator

His company

Paysage Conception Architecture

Ses fournisseurs

mathias bonnin - partenaire 3.jpg

mathias bonnin - partenaire 2.jpg

mathias bonnin - partenaire 1.PNG

  • Cupa Stone
  • Pépinières Desmartis
  • Pépinières de la Bambouseraie
  • Ambiance Paysage 24
  • C3S Conception
  • Dalier Sarl
  • Eurovia Bergerac
  • Girardeau Espaces verts
  • Jaffrennou Transports
  • Jardiland Bergerac
  • Les Papillons Blancs de Bergerac Apropub
  • Miroiterie David Roques
  • Nid perché
  • Piscine Elec 24
  • Saccinto
  • Serge Zappulla
  • Univers Bois


Etienne Bourdon - Vivre heureux avec Alzheimer


Discover his garden in pictures

Discover his project

Etienne Bourdon.jpg


Etienne combines expertise in landscaping and medical research. For 8 years, he has been conducting a research programme into Active Materials to put into gardens that act on geriatric syndromes and also on addictology in psychiatry. He has invented an evaluation protocol in the context of a doctorate directed by Pr. Joel Belmin.

With his company O Ubi Campi, this know-how is applied through a multi-field approach in partnership with health care providers, industrialists and patient associations and has led to the creation of a patient assessment scale.

This expertise is applied in:

  • over 80 gardens in medico-social institutions in France combining a range of services to accompany patients,
  • spaces organised to prevent occupational diseases,
  • the development of districts with populations at risk to improve urban health.

His project

This garden combines a set of workshops or “active materials” developed over several years with patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

    The therapeutic objectives targeted by these workshops address:

    • Sensory stimulation,
    • The loss of functional autonomy - dependence - which increases as the disease evolves,
    • Cognitive disorders,
    • Behavioural problems - in particular agitation and aggressiveness.

    Etienne Bourdon - projet.jpg

    The unrestricted frequentation of a garden over several weeks at a minimum frequency of 4 times a week produced a significant improvement in each factor used to assess a patient’s situation.

    The meticulous choice of plants by a floor covering, perennial and grasses association is intended to create a progressive streaming of colours inducing changes of hues and profiles. For example,
    the fine white lines on Arum lily leaves become broader features on Plantain lily leaves.
    Orchestrated by the plants, this rhythm produces zones differentiated by colours and shapes, the visual perception of which facilitates the spatial location of disorientated people.

    The plant cradle we present at Paysalia is intended to host visitors with benevolence in the hope that the continuation of our research will make it possible to live happily with Alzheimer in tomorrow’s world. Visit the garden as often as you can! There are no side effects!

    His team

    • Andrew FISHER TOMLIN, Garden designer – London College of Garden Design Director
    • Joël BELMIN, doctor in geriatrics – Head of the Geriatric Center Charles Foix Hospital
    • Geoffrey SAUVIONS, student
    • Guillaume DUBUIS, landscape gardener - Technical director at O Ubi Campi

    His company

    O Ubi Campi (77)

    His suppliers

    Etienne Bourdon - partenaire 1.JPG

    Etienne Bourdon - partenaire 2.JPEG

    Etienne Bourdon - partenaire 4.JPG

    Etienne Bourdon - partenaire 5.jpg

    mathias bonnin - partenaire 3.png

    • INMS
    • APHP Hopital Charles Foix
    • Benoit Langlade
    • ENSPA Bordeaux
    • Gally Paysage
    • Inox Form
    • London College of Garden Design
    • Lyon Confluence
    • Percussion Play


    Anne Cabrol - Les gens heureux

    Master Gardener 2017 !

    Discover her garden in pictures

    Discover her project

    Anne Cabrol.jpg


    Founded 54 years ago, TARVEL now has 16 agencies in France, 475 staff - and also 450 sheep! We mostly work with public authorities, companies, public and private financial backers and property developers. Our know-how covers all aspects of landscaping from layouts to maintenance. We are deeply committed to customer service and have a passion for plants and environmental protection.

    Since 2010, I have been conveying these values with TARVEL. I have double qualifications both as a florist and in computer graphics for landscaping. I have worked in and with plants for 22 years. Since July 2017 I have been on the staff of our Research & Development unit and am responsible for advising our agencies on garden designs and for developing new garden-based offers. I love my job. Nature is one source of inspiration but others are graphics, design and art. This approach is what makes TARVEL’s proposals different.

    Her project

    I propose the “happy people” garden with several spaces dedicated to feelings: a cocooning approach, a feeling of peace and getting back to nature. The whole imagined around angular graphics resembling the molecule oxytocin - the hormone generating pleasure and wellbeing.

    Through this garden, I would like you, the visitors, to enter into yourselves to restore your balance and the key to your personal wellbeing. You start by removing your shoes to visit the garden barefoot and commune with nature, discovering the feelings of wellbeing walking on soft, comfortable moss.

    Perhaps you will take a book to read during your time-out in this cocoon? Perhaps you will listen to some watery noises? In most cultures, water symbolises vital energy and is essential for wellbeing. Perhaps you will go directly to join other visitors in a friendly setting at the end of the garden? Or let your emotions rip by producing a vegetable tag? The important thing is for everyone to find their personal balance.

    I decided to work with raw materials. Concrete evokes the presence of man, the coppered aspect adds friendly dimensions by its simultaneously soft and lively colour… and last but not least, wood to establish the link between the materials and the plants that were chosen for their structures but also for their medicinal virtues…

    I hope that you will have as much pleasure when you discover this garden as I had designing it.


    Anne Cabrol - projet.jpg

    Her team

    • Damien BONNEFOY: multi-skilled, he is perfectionist and meticulous and excels in the job well done ... He has already worked on the Jardins Jardin fair.
    • David GARCIA: Expert gardener, he is also multi-skilled on the trades of the garden. He is dynamic and loves to work on extraordinary projects.
    • Clément PETAUD: Gardener, eager to learn, he is nourished by experiences to always discover new things… He excels in all fields of landscaping.
    • Pierre CANDELIER : Apprentice at Tarvel for a year. His vivacity and his motivation will be welcomes to succeed and enjoy this beautiful adventure.

    Her company

    Tarvel (69)

    Her suppliers

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 1.PNG

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 2.png

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 3.jpg

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 4.PNG

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 5.jpg

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 6.jpg
    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 7.png
    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 8.JPG

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 9.JPG

    Anne Cabrol - partenaire 10.jpg

    • Avril Industrie
    • Domaine De Chapelan
    • Knauf
    • Kubota
    • Lycée Horticole De Dardilly
    • MGE
    • Natura’lis Cimelak
    • Plattard
    • Samse
    • Solvert
    • Corne
    • Racine
    • Segex Energie
    • Secatra
    • Serfim
    • Toro
    • Vegetal Contact





    Alban De La Tour - Liberté

    Discover his garden in pictures

    Discover his project

    Alban de la tour.jpg


    L’Atelier de Beauvernay in Lyon’s 8th district designs small and large, durable and poetic gardens, with plants adapted to your area, your climate and your soil.

    Highly motivated by urban agriculture and the challenges of tomorrow’s world, we also design indoor hydroponic kitchen gardens and therapeutic gardens (in urban environments or not) so that, simply and effectively, you can reap all the benefits of a garden and the Earth.



    We work closely with Aquascène, based at Soucieu-en-Jarrest in the Monts du Lyonnais, specialists in ornamental pools and natural bathing. These aquatic habitats are excellent supports for biodiversity - fauna and flora - and the development of ecosystems.

    His project

    A light mist veils my sight, my shade cloaks me, a phantom brings the garden alive.
    Is this an angel?
    Lugubrious vegetation, cracking boards and the smell of compost wrap me and transport me in discomfort with a reflected vision of my body and the other. This hostile environment is like being trapped in a diving-bell – a symbol of my disease imprisoning its host.
    Delicately I push branches aside to clear a path…
    Light, a hut, the heat of a fire, this vision comforts me, the warm colours enliven me.
    Could this be the beginning of self-acceptance?
    My inner wall disintegrates. I know myself for a man. The disease, the phantom that haunted me since I came, disappears. I forget the deafening tick-tock of my internal clock and enjoy all these sensual savours. I smell, I drip and I touch the garden’s happiness.
    I shrug off my diving-bell and surrender my all to this sensory adventure.
    This garden is punctuated with details and presents a vision of diseases often occluded by therapeutic gardens but omnipresent in our society - psychological and psychiatric illnesses.

    Through this redeeming journey mainly focused on the patient as a social individual and not as someone ill, we hope to restore each patient’s self- confidence and freedom as for all other users of our garden.


    Alban de la tour - projet.PNG

    His team

    • Jeremy Pereira: trainer in landscaping at CFA Saône et Loire
    • The Aquascène company: Ghislain De Monspey & Hubert Odin (apprentice)
    • Thomas Caillet

    His company

    L’Atelier de Beauvernay (69)

    His suppliers

    Alban de la tour - partenaire.jpg

    • All in Stone
    • Aqua Roc Décor
    • Betafence
    • Carré Serre
    • Echo-vert
    • Fibre Verte
    • Hydralians
    • La Clôture française
    • Les Carrières du Cheval Blanc
    • Moduland
    • Oase
    • Plandanjou
    • Prolians
    • SemperGreen
    • Vannucci
    • Aquascene
    • Design Espaces
    • DLF Gazon
    • Entreprise MOUSSET Paysagiste
    • Frédéric Fournier
    • Jonathan CONTET
    • Oyas Environnement
    • Pépinières Jardin des Alpes
    • Pépinières BESSARD Christian
    • Plantdallier
    • VerTilt


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