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Open to all professional landscaping originators and entrepreneurs, the Paysalia "Carré des Jardiniers" contest is held every two years. It was created in 2011 by landscaping and gardening professionals including famous landscape architect Jean Mus, the jury chairperson.

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A real innovation in the field of professional contests in this sector, the first edition of the Carré des Jardiniers was highly successful with the whole profession - and thrilled the visitors.
The Carré des Jardiniers prize rewards the man or woman who imagines, designs and executes an exceptional gardenreflecting the key values of the landscaping profession: authenticity, talent, audacity, creativity, durability, sharing,...

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The Carré des Jardiniers contest objectives

  • Turn the spotlight on gardeners, to reward them as project managers and artists for their achievements.

  • Show the general public that a garden designed by a professional has real value added.

  • Highlight new talents in the sector and launch new trends.

  • Arouse the interest of young people who can identify with these stars of today and become those of tomorrow.

  • Get the media to discuss the profession to build a favourable image and restore its nobility.

2019 Theme: the village place

Small improvised space in a city, or large space full of history in the countryside, the village square is an institution for all citizens.
Small debates or revolutions have been going on since Antiquity because it is a place of gathering and exchange.
Symbol of public life, it is a place that embodies freedom, equality and civic participation.
On the square of the village of Carré des Jardiniers, the sweet dreamers of yesterday will meet the passionate passionate of today or perhaps the opposite?

Remember the 2017 theme

« The good care of Doctor Garden »

The nature is generous, feeder, constant, beautiful and rich. Inescapable enjoyments of cities and private houses, parks and garden are also appreciated for their benefactions on the health. Plants, vegetables, flowers, earth, stones, fruits, are so many small treatments which act separately or together for the well-being and the health of people: gardens do good as soon as we take time to look at them, to listen to them, to feel them, to affect them and to enjoy them. A common objective: offer good care to the garden”



  • Jean Mus, President of the jury and landscaper architect
  • Stéphane Marie, Carré des Jardiniers 2019's godfather

5 professionals:

  • Anne Cabrol, Master Gardenenr 2017
  • Eric Lequertier, landscaper
  • Michel Audouy, landscape architect
  • Bruno Imbert, nurseryman
  • Pierre-Alexandre Risser, landscaper

4 specialized journalists:

  • Martine Meunier, Director in chief, Les Editions de Bionnay
  • Nathalie Degardin, for the general public press - Exterior Design
  • Sylvie Ligny, for the specialized press - GardenLab
  • Philippe Collignon, France Télévisions journalist, animator and realisator

5 artists ( representing the 5 senses through their professional activity ):

  • Jacques Chibois, Chief
  • Gary, sculptor
  • Dimitri Naiditch, composer and pianist
  • Jean-Claude Ellena, historical perfumer Hermès and today adviser
  • Catherine Painvin, decorator


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For further detail, please contact Carole Roux
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