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Chazal tames and cultivates nature in order to better design an urban landscape which, today more than ever, is thirsty for greenery, for a green horizon, for green breaks in the midst of incessant activity.

Thanks to important human, technical and material resources, Chazal has the means to carry out major green space projects. Thus contributing to the design of the city in green, alongside public authorities, real estate developers of housing and tertiary or industrial buildings, large and small companies, property managers, etc.


  • Activities
    • Activity
      • Watering
        • Accessories (hose, valves, drip system…)
        • Automatic watering
        • Programmers
      • Gardening
        • Alternative techniques
        • Mulching
        • Plant nutrition
        • Seed sprayers
        • Tutoring systems
      • Furniture
        • Atomizers
        • Fountains
        • Systems for vegetalized walls and roofs
      • Floors
        • Lawns
        • Natural grass
        • Playground surfacing
        • Turf rolls