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We are a medium-sized company engaged in the development, production and sale of products for the construction sector. To this end, we supply products for the areas of timber-frame construction, deck construction and concrete fastening. We supply specialist dealers across Europe, who are responsible for distribution to skilled craftsmen.

Over our short 20-year history, we have already become a permanent fixture in the fastening technology sector. Since January 2013, a selected part of the range of timber construction screws has been manufactured on a first machine in Hagen. An expansion of the machine pool then increased production capacity, allowing us to supply a wide range of items produced in-house. Since that point, we have been able to produce our own screws with diameters of 6 to 10 mm and a length of up to 1 metre.

Given our steady growth as a company, there is a need to acquire additional office space. We have made it our mission to develop products that offer the maximum be


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