Exhibitors FAQ

How to register for the show as an exhibitor?
What kind of visitors will I meet at the show?
Entrepreneurs & Landscape producers, distributors, private and public authorities and specifiers visit Paysalia.
Who can I contact to order an electrical connection, a technical service, additional parking cards?
Exhibitor Service of EUREXPO
Roof suspension service - +33 (0)4 72 22 31 00 - accrochage@eurexpo.com
Ground service - +33 (0)4 72 22 30 30 - services@eurexpo.com
What are mounting and dismounting dates?

Mounting / dismounting information for space only stand


  • Saturday 30 November: 7am - 8pm
  • Sunday 1 December: 7am - 8pm
  • Monday 2 December: 7am - 12pm


  • Thursday 5 December: 6pm - 12pm
  • Friday 6 December: 7am -12am

REMINDER: No motorised vehicle will be allowed in the halls on the last day of build-up (except exceptional derogation from the organiser).
During dismantling on the 5 December of 2019, no nacelle and no forklift will be allowed until 7pm in the halls.

Mounting / dismounting information for “basic” or “Business” stand package

  • Monday 2 December: 7am - 12pm
  • Thursday 5 December: 6pm - 12pm


Exhibitors are responsible for any damage they may cause during build up or dismounting of their stand.
During the stand build up and dismounting times, exhibitors must supervise their stand continuously, either themselves or by hiring a security firm of their choice.

What are the architectural regulations?

Please read the architectural regulations that have been defined in order to uphold an exhibition style that is appropriate, coherent and convenient. Keep in mind that space only stand and modified pack “Basic” or “Business” stand must be approved.

Last update in June 2019.

Download the architectural regulations

What is the fire safety regulation?
Mandatory request of authorisation for operation of machinery and for the use of fuel, as well as for dual-level, solid ceiling or shade stands.
Submit question or request to ATH office or send your request of authorization before November, 3th, 2019.

Download the fire safety regulations

What are the show regulations?

This document gathers the regulations of the show.

Download the show regulations

How can I receive a delivery on the show?

Someone from your company must be present on site to sign off on your goods.
During the show deliveries are authorized from 7.00 to 9.00am and from 7.00 to 8.00pm.
Each delivery must be accompanied by a delivery docket giving the name of the show, the exhibitor’s corporate name, the hall number and the stand number.

Delivery address:
Eurexpo/Exhibitors entrance
Avenue Louis Blériot
69680 - CHASSIEU France

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 45.72854
Longitude 4.959676


Visitors FAQ

How to register for the show?
The badge application page will be available from July 2019.
Who can visit the show?
Show dedicated to professionals, on invitation: landscape professionals, distributors of the sector, specifiers, public and private collectivities.
Can students access the show?
Students can visit the show as part of a group tour.
You are alone ? Make a request to the salon visitor service: paysalia@gl-events.com from June 2019.
Requests subject to validation.
Is the access allowed for children and animals? 
Access to animals is prohibited except for PMR dogs. Paysalia is a trade show, so it is strongly discouraged to bring children. Access is not forbidden, however. For children under 13, it is not necessary to provide an access badge. Great vigilance is required: parents are responsible for their child (ren).
Do I have to pay to enter the show?
Access to the show is reserved for professionals in the sector with an invitation code.
Entrance fee professional visitor of the sector on the spot and without invitation: 35 euros HT.
Where can I eat at Eurexpo?
What is EUREXPO's address?

Visitor access / Porte Ouest
Boulevard de l’Europe
69680 Chassieu - France
Latitude : 45.743527 / Longitude : 4.971917

Exhibitor access / Porte Est
Avenue Louis Blériot
69680 Chassieu - France
Latitude : 45.728546 / Longitude : 4.959676

Post address
BP 190
69686 Chassieu Cedex - France
Phone: +33 (0)4 72 22 33 44


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