Place du Village

The Place du Village, a place of life, exchange and sharing

Just like the meeting place of the citizens, the Paysalia’s Place du village (aka Square Village) will offer moments of relaxation and pleasure to the visitors and exhibitors of the show. The space will welcome you with a bowling alley, a coffee, a bookstore conducive to moments of conviviality before sharing in the Agora about many issues of landscape in our society. A new way to discover the 5 gardens of the Carré des Jardiniers contest, whose 2017 theme is also Place du Village.

This unusual place will be staged by Anne Cabrol, Master Gardener 2017, in collaboration with GL events.
TERIDEAL will carry out the landscaping with the support of the students and teachers of the Sainte-Consorce MFR.
Find her winning garden realized in 2017.

Place du Village Agora Conference Program, Hall 4.2

Program of Place du Village's conferences:

WARNING : programs are subject to change by organizors.
All conferences of the Forum Paysalia will be translate in english.

Tuesday 3rd December
  • 11.00-11.45am: The impact of transitory gardens
    All over the world, garden contests attract more and more visitors who come to understand the power of nature through the gardening events
    by Andrew Fisher Tomlin, Chartered Horticulturist, Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers and Director of the London College of Garden Design based in the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew (Certified Horticulturist, Member of the Company of Garden Designers, Director of the London College of Garden Design based in the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew).
    by Noemi Petit, Carré des Jardiniers Contest.
    In partnership with The Landscape Show.
  • 12.00-12.45pm: Pole Emploi - Unep Partnership: the impact on employment
    by Laurent Simeoni, Pole Emploi and Unep
  • 2.00-2.30pm: Landscaping for a territorial project
    Presentation of the “Hills and Slopes of the Lyon Region” notebook (Editions CAUE Rhône Metropolis).
    Talks by the elected officials involved in the approach and accompanied by CAUE Rhône Metropole
    by Renaud Pfeffer, 1st vice-president of the Rhône Département, Mayor of Mornant, Daniel Malosse, President of the Syndicat de l’Ouest Lyonnais (SOL) and President of the Vallons du Lyonnais (CCVL) Community of Communes, Sebastien Sperto, Director of the CAUE Rhône Metropolis, Samuel Auray, landscape designer, CAUE Rhône Metropolis A conference organized by the CAUE Rhône Metropole.

  • 2.45-3.30pm: Master Class by Master Gardeners
    by Anne Cabrol (Master Gardener 2017), Sylvère Fournier (Master Gardener 2015) and Luc Echilley (Master Gardener 2013)

  • 3:30-4:00pm:

Wednesday 4th December
  • 10.00-10.45am Trends for 2020/2021
    Fashions: immersion in the depths of landscaping trends
    by Manuel Rucar, Trend Analyst
  • 11.30am-12.15pm: When the expansion of plants takes precedence over urban densification or how to create parks in urban areas
    Example of towns of the Bordeaux Metropolis: Bègles (the inhabited park of Les Seycheries), Mérignac (the fox's park), Bruges (the Ausone park)
    with Jean-Etienne Surlève-Bazeille and Paul Trouillot, for Bègles; Brigitte Terraza, Bernadette Cendrès-Barbé and Dominique Pilon for Bruges; Stéphanie Jude for Bordeaux Métropole
    by Elisabeth Fournier, Hortis Vice President
  • 1.30–2.15pm: Managing and maintaining landscapes for fun and games
    by Adam White, President of the Royal Chartered Landscape Institute in the U.K.
    In partnership with The Landscape Show.
Thursday 5th December
  • 10.00-10.45am: The beauties and scents of plants + projection of images to music
    by photographer Eric Sander and Jean-Claude Ellena, ex-perfumer (“nose”) of Hermès and now consultant.
  • 11.00-11.45am: Nature, parks and gardens: a new way of designing and living in cities
    by UR CAUE and ANDEEV
  • 12.00-12h30: The canopy plan: to protect and develop urban forests

    The Canopy Plan intensifies the development of surfaces shaded by trees in Greater Lyon. It applies everywhere in every field and with every partner to fight heat pockets with a wide range of solutions including the albedo (solar reflection capacity) of materials, the presence of water, permeable surfaces and vegetation, based on the fact that trees have the greatest potential for cooling.
    by Frederic Ségur, Lyon Metropole and Anaïs Prével, "Agence d’Urbanisme"

  • 2.00-2.30pm: GardenLab
    by Sylvie Ligny
  • 2.45-3.45pm: Gardens - the link between man and nature
    Like many others before him, Rousseau said it. Man is frightened and powerless in the face of natural forces. Man fears nature. This is why mankind lives in houses, cities and urban spaces without – or only a little – nature. Yet, gardens have brought nature back. But now it is dominated, cultivated in every way, dictated by fashions and tastes in conditions controlled by techniques. However, gardens are not just utilitarian like kitchen gardens or for research, like botanical gardens. They are also for getting away from it all, for relaxation, contemplation and pleasure. Gardens are the proof that nature cannot completely be evinced – and not only because it is useful. So, gardens are paradoxes – the sign of an ancestral fear of nature and the expression of a deep attachment to it. Gardens invite us into the complex relationships of man and nature. When we go into a garden we are accompanied by Epicure, Pascal, Rousseau and many others…
    by Philippe Pophillat, philosopher


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