Training and employment area

Pôle Emploi and Unep join forces to facilitate the recruitment process in companies

Landscaping companies and public authorities have problems recruiting staff. To reduce labour market tensions, Unep and Pôle Emploi [French Job centre] have joined forces to promote the sector by facilitating job seekers access to information about the trades needed.

Paysalia: a place for meetings and professional exchanges

PAYSALIA will be an opportunity for Pôle emploi to meet companies and candidates at several key events:

  • Tuesday 3rd December, from 12.00pm to 12.45pm in the Agora on the Village Square: The Pôle emploi-Unep Partnership: what impact can it have on employment?
  • During the 3 days of show, in the Maison Paysalia on the Village Square: come and meet the Pôle emploi staff

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