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Paysalia has a feature area dedicated to practical, working solutions for tackling environmental issues: eco-friendly maintenance, new materials, new technologies, durable species, etc. Promote your sustainable solutions.

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Recruitment and training


Paysalia is all geared up to boost the sector’s appeal to career seekers, with a village dedicated to training and recruitment across all the sector’s trades. Come and exchange ideas with colleges and job centres and find your new talents !

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This is a big challenge: revegetating towns is not just about public spaces but buildings also. Local councils and developers must receive guidance and assistance in order to achieve rapid roll-out of nature in the urban domain.

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New issues for the sector


Eco-affirmative by its very nature, the landscaping sector must come to terms with modernization—digitalization of activities and services, robotization of strenuous activities, decarbonization—as well as specific issues caused by climate change, most notably water management.

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in co-production with

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Since its launch in 2009, Paysalia has been organized in co-production with UNEP which supports landscape contractors on a daily basis through its 13 regional unions. UNEP defends for the interests of businesses in the landscape and garden sector, develops social standards for the profession, and leads the creation of professional guidelines for the industry.