Paysalia, an eco-assertive trade show

The Paysalia trade show, a benchmark in its sector, defends the environment and implements eco-responsible actions on behalf of its exhibitors and visitors.

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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)  is a central themeof our activities and of our company. The Paysalia show limits its environmental impact by implementing  dedicated action plans with  concrete results. We set out to reduce our carbon footprint, limit the use of expendables to maximize our circular economy, and to develop diversity and the local benefit from our events.

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  • All our advertising and promotional documents (brochures, flyers, layout maps, programmes, invitation cards, press kits, etc.) are printed on recycled paper.
  • Many of our media targeting visitors are digital.
  • Visitors’ badges are digital.
  • Roll-ups are collected by Ecopack Solutions and re-used to create Boomerang packages.
  • Use of recyclable materials for small signage at the show.

  • Integration of recyclable or reusable materials (wood, cardboard, etc.) in the design of stands and common spaces.
  • Furniture re-use and rental for the event.
  • Use of recyclable fitted carpets in some show spaces.

  • Encouragement to carpooling.
  • Soft mode access to the exhibition centre: tramway.

  • Waste sorting during assembly, operation and dismantling and waste valorisation.
  • Installation of waste sorting dustbins in the show aisles to sort visitors’ waste.
  • Materials sorted are wood (partitions, flooring), cardboard, brochures and a big percentage of fitted carpet. Eurexpo gives customers a Sorting Guide.
  • For furnishing and fitting waste, we have a partnership with Valdelia, an environmentally-friendly organization approved by the French ministry for ecology, sustainable development and energy. Valdélia collects everything made from wood (partitions, flooring, etc.) as well as furnishing and fittings abandoned on the show after dismantling. They are removed in a specific container. 

  • Contract for the supply of green electricity.
  • LED lighting outside the centre and progressive change-over in the halls.
  • Installation of presence detectors in hall sanitary facilities (in progress).
  • Visitor and exhibitor car parks are equipped with 24 electric vehicle recharging terminals.


All centre water meters are read twice a day to detect the smallest leaks and act at once.

  • Elimination of plastic and use of renewable materials and eco-friendly compostable containers, dishes and packaging by on-site caterers.
  • Recyclable place mats in Eurexpo restaurants.
  • Sorting of cardboards, plastic, glass, recovery of plastic stoppers.
  • Procurement of organic produce from local sources in season.
  • Recovery of unsold goods by the association “Le Chaînon Manquant” to fight food waste.
  • Management of organic waste in all Eurexpo restaurants.
  • Recovery of edible oils by Bioval’huiles.


Installation of 3 bee hives in the Eurexpo park.


Paysalia is a partner of the “Planting for the Future” fund. This fund, financed through sponsorship, assists 352 (and counting) reforestation projects throughout France, with 2.35 million trees and 2,120 hectares re-planted so far in an approach based on sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change.

Thanks to donations from its sponsors, Planting for the Future provides a concrete response to the challenges of reforestation in France through its programmes:

  • Planting: with direct support for landowners for their reforestation operations.
  • Awareness: working to inform people about the fundamental role of forests and the uses of timber.
  • Innovation: supporting the development of forest management techniques and practices suited to the environmental and climate challenges of the future.

For its 2023 edition, Paysalia is planting a tree for every registered exhibitor!  

Come and meet them at stand 4K07 during the Paysalia show!  


For more information:

The Planting for the Future leaflet: plaquette.pdf 

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