The Biodiversity-Environment Village

This Village aims to promote and clarify the Biodiversity and Environment themes created by Paysalia and Unep. 

This Village will be a forum for Paysalia visitors – a place for discussions focused on questions related to biodiversity and the environment. 

The experts present will inform, sensitize, advise and discuss with professional landscapers.






Founded in 2014, A-IGÉco is a federative association, bringing together and coordinating everyone involved in ecological engineering and design – the world of business, of course, but also scientists, politicians, territorial public authorities and associations. It promotes high quality Ecological engineering, technologies and science and implements actions and projects supporting the development of the sector and boosting the skills of participants.






ASTREDHOR creates and implements research and innovation programs to improve the technical, economic and environmental performances of horticulturalists, flower growers and landscapers. Recognized by the French Government since 2008, the Institut technique de l’horticulture (the Technical Institute for Horticulture) has over 100 researchers in 10 research centers, who undertake regional, national and international research programs. Many companies and its 1,100 members benefit from ASTREDHOR’s research activities and expertise.


CDC Biodiversité



CDC Biodiversité imagines and adapts economic, ecological and financial solutions to implement sustainable “hands-on” actions to restore and protect biodiversity in the future. Founded in 2007, this subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépots – a French State Bank – exists to reconcile biodiversity and economic development in the public interest.
A pioneer in ecological compensation, it also develops global innovations adapted to the needs of end users and public and private developers for biodiversity, giving priority to nature-based solutions.



OFB, Office Français de la Biodiversité 



The French Office of Biodiversity (OFB) is a public corporation dedicated to protecting biodiversity. The missions of its 2,800 employees include species censuses, habitats and their usage, monitoring and control of threats to the environment, management of protected spaces, societal awareness and providing support to everyone involved in the challenges of aquatic, terrestrial and oceanic biodiversity in France and in its overseas territories and dominions. One of its priorities is to provide a rapid response to protecting the living world.


Plante & Cité



Plante & Cité is a French National R&D organization specialized in landscaping and green spaces. It develops study programs and transmits scientific knowledge to green space and landscaping companies and territorial public authorities. 

The studies carried out aim to reduce the use of phytosanitary products, to save resources, in particular water, to preserve biodiversity...





URCAUE-AURA federates the 11 Architecture, Town planning and Environment Councils in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region which assist the elected officials and landscaping professionals to create green cities, promote vegetalization and protect rural areas… URCAUE-AURA conducts 9,000 assistance missions annually, has 130 territorial experts and runs cultural and population awareness events…

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