Innovation Booster Awards

The latest innovations are showcased right at the trade show entrance. Alongside them, admire the Paysalia Innovation Award winning entries.

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Paysalia Innovations 

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Organized by landscape companies federation “Unep”, these trophies reward  creative solutions and innovative technologies from landscaping professionals.

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At stake? An answer to today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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the winners and special mentions 



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Winners of the Paysalia Innovations Awards 20233


Winning innovation: ENTONEM


Koppert has developed an innovative solution for the garden and green space market, ENTONEM, which uses Steinernema feltiae nematodes to combat pine and oak processionary caterpillars. Active even at low temperatures, ENTONEM is applied with a sprayer to the trees affected by the pest. Its dual-action system works through contact and ingestion at the caterpillar stage and has the following advantages:  


  • Curative treatment at the juvenile stage of both species, i.e. the caterpillars before they start their procession.  
  • No regulatory constraints (classified in the macro-organism category), no specific PPE (no risk to users or the public), no re-entry interval or requirement to close the areas concerned.  
  • No phenomenon of resistance.  
  • No possible danger to other wildlife (birds, mammals, aquatic organisms etc.) during flowering. 
  • Tolerates cold (works from 5°C, with best results from 14°C).  
  • Biodegradable formulation (no residue on the plant).  
  • The most soluble formulation currently on the market (homogenised solution; quick and easy to prepare).  


Find Koppert France at stand 5C02 


Winning innovation: Paillage et disques CAPINEA



This mulching fabric, entirely made in France, is biodegradable and perfectly suited to organic agriculture. A natural insulator, it limits evaporation from the soil, reducing the need for irrigation. A vital characteristic for protecting plants during periods of drought! The mulching fabric from Capillum is also an alternative to weeding. This is due to the natural structure of the hair fibre, which blocks light and limits weed growth. This structure also allows it to act as a physical barrier against slugs and snails. A very useful virtue, particularly to protect young seedlings.


Find Capillum at stand 4L28 


Winning innovation: Moasure ONE



The Moasure ONE offers an entirely new, unique way of measuring complex shapes, quickly calculating area and recording the varying elevation of a plot of land.  

Designed using high-performance inertial sensors, our tool works without the need for an internet or GPS connection. It measures solely using its accelerometers, gyroscopes and algorithms built into a simple pocket-sized device.

Its Bluetooth connection enables the measurements to be displayed in real time via Moasure PRO, the dedicated app. This makes it possible to obtain a full 3D plan on a smartphone or tablet in the time it takes to walk round the space to be measured.

The plans obtained can very easily be transferred to modelling software (such as SketchUp or AutoCAD) in a variety of formats (PDF, DXF, JPG, CSV etc.) free of charge or shared directly with colleagues and clients.

The Moasure ONE is designed to help professionals to measure spaces more quickly, even alone, and obtain complete 3D data (dimensions, elevation, slope etc.) without effort.


Find Moasure at stand 5F50 

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Two special awards for French plant production 


Winning innovation: Hortival Diffusion > ABELIA chinensis AUTUMN FESTIVAL® 'Minabaut01' cov



A natural mutation of its type, this Abelia is a new denser, more compact cultivar with more branches. It is a real innovation, selected after many years of observation! When mature, it will be around 2 metres tall and 1.5 metres wide, depending on growing conditions.  

In summer, the plant is draped in a profusion of small, white, deliciously fragrant flowers with dull pink sepals. It remains attractive in autumn, when it offers wonderful contrast with its pink sepals lingering against the semi-persistent bronze to purple leaves.

Thanks to its revolutionary form, AUTUMN FESTIVAL® is ideal for small gardens, in hedges or borders, but also for use in pots on terraces and balconies. It can withstand drought, responds well to pruning and proves very simple to manage in terms of maintenance.


Find Minier Professional Solutions at stand 4L80 


Winning innovation: Vitis Nathy 2014/0347



Vign’happy is a variety from the ‘Nathy’ range, arising from natural cross-breeding, and produces a high-quality white grape. The innovative benefit of this variety is its strong resistance to three major cryptogamic diseases: mildew, powdery mildew and black rot.  

This natural resistance to disease enables all gardeners, experts or amateurs, to harvest an excellent organic table grape requiring minimal maintenance and no plant protection treatment.

Consumers, landscape gardeners and local authorities can test isolated plants on walls, fences, balconies and terraces or along borders and paths.


Find Verdia at stand 4K54 

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The special awards of student's 


Winning innovation: AKOA SYSTEM



AKOA SYSTEM is a smart irrigation system (IoT) combined with AI that optimises the quantity of water to use for each type of plant in its environment.

  • Compatible with existing installations 
  • Water savings  
  • Remote management and control


Find Akoa System at stand 4F30 

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