20-12-2021 Skills & Tips

5 unusual and inspiring readings to create original gardens

Inspiring plant-based readings for finding great landscaping ideas and create original gardens for your clients.


The year is over and the traditional holiday season buzz is beginning. We all want to relax and enjoy life to the fullest! In this spirit Paysalia proposes some inspiring plant-based readings to finish the year with great landscaping ideas and create original gardens for your clients.


Review of the oldest gardens in the world… which still exist!

From Italy to Sri Lanka, via Iran or China, gardens marked the time when Mankind stopped its nomadic existence and settled in tribal homelands thousands of years ago. If the vast majority of these historical landscapes have disappeared, there are still some which have survived the assaults of time and which are true sources of inspiration. Witnesses of the evolution of landscaping and the different fashions over the centuries, these sanctuaries for plants are still open to the public.

Journey back through time

Original gardens created for movies everyone remembers

From the absurd geometrical garden of My Uncle to the poetic snow-covered Japanese garden of Kill Bill: volume 1, there are a host of movie gardens which we all remember. Both as emblematic decors or as central to the plot, they breathe very particular life and inspiration into the cinematographic works. What gardens do for movies exceeds landscape designers’ wildest dreams!

Shall we go to the movies?

Do you know these species of trees and their remarkable properties?

Do you know which remarkable plant produces the red “dragon's blood” resin? Which famous tree measures 131m in diameter? What is the tree able to regenerate its bark? Let’s test your knowledge with this selection of atypical trees! Discover surprising species and perhaps even find good ideas for creating unique gardens.

Test your knowledge!

Feel like sculpting a plant? Discover 6 marvelous topiary art creations

Spotlight on boxes, yews and cypresses! Topiary is the decorative pruning art. It can take all shapes and sizes, from the most traditional to the most extravagant. And it is precisely this second category which interests us when creating an original garden! Topiary art can be found in the grounds of stately homes, in green spaces open to the public—and even in amusement parks. Plants to contemplate from every perspective.

To your shears!

Dive into the pools of the world’s 5 most beautiful fountains

Examples of creativity and ingenuity, fountains are much more than decorative and refreshing water supply points. They are sometimes even monuments! Everywhere in the world, one can wonder at splendid, surprising, imposing fountains. Here are five which are sure to urge you to build original watery notes into your clients’ gardens.

Some beautiful fountains

The whole Paysalia team wishes you a Happy New Year. We’ll be back in 2022 for the latest in landscaping!

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