Check out Floriscope, the plant application blooming on the web (Only in French)

12 Jul 2017

Floriscope is a new Web application created for and by plant and landscape professionals. In just a few clicks, define your criteria, discover a list of plants adapted to your park or garden creation projects… and bring your ideas to fruition!


Zoom on the new plant application

Floriscope came into flower on the Web on March 30th, 2017. It exists to help professional landscapers and gardeners to understand, choose and select the plants best adapted to their green space creation projects. It makes it possible to carry out searches which can be refined to match their professional criteria, on a scientifically validated database called Végébase, a reliable - and currently the biggest - database of 160,000 plant names in French. As the concept is to make Végébase accessible to all, Floriscope is free!

What functionalities does Floriscope have to assist with green space projects?


For the time being the application offers two main functionalities.

  • Identify plants starting from precise criteria. For example, soil pH, ground humidity, the plant’s rate of growth, flowering period and sensitivity to biological aggressors! All criteria defined and validated by professionals.


  • Create lists of plants for your landscaping projects.

The application was only launched recently – and is not yet fully grown. Floriscope wants to promote the horticultural sector by referencing professional growers and their collections. You will soon be able to access the stocks of professional partners directly from the plant file. This is already the case for some plants!

Where did this idea germinate?

Floriscope was created in the context of the Végébase project run by Plante & Cité magazine with support from Val'hor, the French inter-professional association for horticulture, florists and landscapers and the Pays de la Loire region of France. Of course, this project involved a host of scientific and technical partnerships.  

And, like gardens, good ideas have to be nurtured! So check out Floriscope when creating your next green space!

Photo credit: Tookapic / Krzysztof Puszczyński

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