All the landscaping news. What you should have heard about in 2018!

Discover the most significants landscaping events that happened in 2018!


The landscaping business is doing well and incredibly active! So to get this New Year off to a good start, we list here the most significant events in 2018.

Scotland now prescribes nature for its patients

Since October 2018, patients in the Shetland Islands may get prescriptions for nature walks to treat chronic diseases, including anxiety, depression and arterial hypertension. A pioneering initiative which opens up new opportunities for landscape companies as they possess know-how which has an increasingly valued positive impact on health.

The British horticultural sector is flourishing

A recent report by the Ornamental Horticulture Roundtable Group highlights the impact of the horticultural and landscaping sectors on the British economy. This very complete study running to 42 pages outlines the opportunities for the landscaping companies and reveals the importance of this sector for the global economy.

Launch of the “Why I Landscape” campaign

The American National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) launched a campaign in Summer 2018 to promote the landscaping sector to young Americans. This campaign uses the social networks to broadcast interviews, videos, articles and statistics aiming to make young people aware of the variety of opportunities available in landscaping industry.

Europe adopts a bioeconomic strategy

The European Commission deployed a vast plan last fall to develop a “zero carbon” society to improve the economy and the environment. This strategy is based on waste reduction, the protection of ecosystems and funds to encourage investments in innovations using biomass. A new opportunity for developing the landscaping industry!

Opening of the Taichung World Flora Exhibition

An International Floral Festival opened a few weeks ago in Taiwan. The visitors can stroll through the Show until April 2019 to see the gardens created by a host of countries. On this occasion we interviewed one of the teams representing France!

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