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The guide to making the most of Paysalia 2021 depending on your trade

Need help to prepare your visit to Paysalia 2021? Find out what this landscaping show can do for you!

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At Paysalia, there are not only hundreds of state-of-the-art exhibitors, but also conferences, contests and events. We can help you optimize your time with us! Depending on who you are and what you do, Paysalia 2021 can plan your visit for you!

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You are… a landscaping company or involved in distribution

Every professional landscaper says that having the right tool is essential! So start by checking out the latest sector innovations in the Paysalia Innovation Area at the Show entrance. After the Exhauss exoskeleton to assist with carrying heavy loads and the S20 Équipements high efficiency drying cupboard, who knows what other surprises will help boost your productivity this year?

Do you want to test your botanical knowledge? The Concours National de Reconnaissance des Végétaux (The French National Plant Recognition contest) proposes a session between professionals – you could win a Trophy.

To boost your career or your company, the Jobs and Training Village is the place to get answers to your questions.

These conferences are “musts”

  • Dry stone walls: a biodiversity argument for the creation of gardens — 1 December, 10:00 am
  • Attracting your workforce and securing their loyalty — 1 December,10:15 am
  • The digitalization of businesses: issues and prospects — 2 December, 2:00 pm

You are… a public authority

Paysalia is where green cities are imagined, designed and built. To accompany you in your greening projects, the Show organizes the Green City Day. For a whole day, between technical conferences and visits, rethink your urban space and find solutions to create your own greening strategy.

Because you play a crucial role in protecting biodiversity, visit the Biodiversity Village to understand how to act to meet this challenge.

These conferences are “musts”

  • Changing the practice of the city Or how to make urban living environments lively and enjoyable? — 30 November, 5:15 pm
  • How Urban Parks can contribute to Climate Change Resilience — 1 December, 11:15 am

You are… a private community

What do amusement parks, golf courses, castles, zoos and camp sites have in common? 
Landscaping is a vital concern for all of them - always present and sometimes even the main theme. 

To give you inspiration and attract more customers, a visit to the fabulous ephemeral gardens competing in the Carré Des Jardiniers contest are a “must”. In the middle of the Show, five exceptional gardens created by landscape designers invite you to an alternative Paysalia 2021, composed to the theme of the “Garden for lovers of (the good things in) life”. 

These conferences are “musts”

  • New technical and regulatory matters on the subject of phytosanitary alternatives — 30 November, 11:00 am
  • Planting and sowing local: plant life takes root in its true biodiversity — 2 December, 10:00 am

You are… a specifier

If you are an architect, engineer or work in real estate, landscapes and plants probably have a place in your projects. Why not spend some time to learn more about them? Paysalia will go a long way to meeting your needs.

And because the synergy between plants and natural stone are an answer completely adapted to the demands of your clients, the Rocalia natural stone Show is held in the same place as Paysalia. One admission badge for two trade shows - and an infinite number of ideas to pick!

These conferences are “musts”

  • Update on the development of an ecological engineering sector — 1 December, 2:00 pm
  • What place does urban agriculture occupy in landscape development projects ? — 1 December, 3:00 pm

Some useful hints on how to make the most of Paysalia

  • NEW! You no longer need to print your badge. Get it directly via the Paysalia Rocalia Connect application.
  • The late night evening is on November 30th. Meet other professionals in a friendly atmosphere. Last entries 6.00pm. Evening ends at 9.00pm.
  • Need help to find somewhere to stay or with transport? Click here
  • Due to Covid, you must show a valid vaccination certificate at the entrance and wear a face mask at all times.

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We look forward to seeing you soon at Paysalia!
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Since its launch in 2009, Paysalia has been organized in co-production with UNEP which supports landscape contractors on a daily basis through its 13 regional unions. UNEP defends for the interests of businesses in the landscape and garden sector, develops social standards for the profession, and leads the creation of professional guidelines for the industry.