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Test your botanical knowledge at Paysalia 2021!

Le Concours National de Reconnaissance des Végétaux se décline pour les étudiants, les professionnels et les visiteurs de Paysalia.


Every two years, The VAL'HOR Trade Association organizes a very special event in the context of Paysalia - the final of the French National Plant Recognition contest. Depending on their level, 72 students in landscaping, horticultural productions and sales from all over the country will have to recognize between 20 and 40 plants in a limited time. Would you like to test your own knowledge? A contest for professionals and a game for Paysalia 2021 visitors are waiting for you!

The 2019 Plant Recognition Contest
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The French National Plant Recognition contest really motivates students

You can’t be a professional landscaper without a thorough knowledge of plants! This contest has a teaching dimension as it stimulates students’ interest in plants with a hands-on, motivating objective, requiring them to recognize over 800 trees, shrubs and plants. Participating in the French National Plant Recognition contest develops their botanical expertise - a real asset when looking for a job!

After the regional selections, the 72 future horticultural, flower gardening and landscaping professionals who have qualified in specialist higher education courses will fight it out in the National Grand Final. On December 1st, at Paysalia, they will try to recognize 20 to 40 plants by calling on their knowledge… and their senses. After the Grand Est region (Eastern France) in 2019, which region will win the Trophy this year?

The French National Plant Recognition contest final is organized by VAL'HOR with the participation of the DGER (General Teaching and Research Service), in partnership with the UNEP, the FNPHP, Jardineries et Animaleries de France, the SNHF and the active participation of Lyon-Dardilly-Ecully EPLEFPA to ensure a warm welcome to the candidates and jury. 

An opportunity to highlight landscaping trades

This contest demonstrates the excellence of the sector as well as the quality of the horticultural and landscaping training courses available. For the participants, it is an experience halfway between their schooling and their future jobs. The contest attracts a host of specialized media! 

Demonstrating this unique know-how is a strong feature of Paysalia which is fully committed to employment and training, the dedicated village will answer all your questions related to recruitment and increasing skills levels in the landscaping sector.

Could you win a Trophy?

Because we all go on learning and “challenge” ourselves every day – on landscaping sites, as trainers or in design offices, the French National Plant Recognition contest invites you to test your own skills in a session just for horticulture and landscaping professionals. To take part, you must work in:

  • a company member of VAL'HOR;
  • an agricultural training establishment;
  • horticultural or landscaping media;
  • a public authority or private community (green spaces).

Participation is free and limited to 50 contestants. The three winners in each category of plants (Landscaping Installations and Horticultural Productions) will receive a Trophy. Register before November 15th to compete.

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Do you just want to test your knowledge? A plant recognition game open to all Paysalia visitors organized by exhibitors in the Fleurs de France village will be held on December 1st and 2nd. Register in the Place des Lumières when you arrive.

Do you think you know everything about plants and can recite your favorite botany manual by heart? Register at Paysalia 2021 to try to win a Trophy which will recognize your expertise. The French National Plant Recognition contest is for you!

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