The Plante & Cité town planning survey

18 Oct 2019

In the context of the studies programme run by Plante & Cité focused on the integration and place of plants and green spaces in city and regional planning documents, our partner is launching this national survey with the support of the French Ministry for Ecological and Interdependent Transition, the French Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and Paysalia sponsor Val'Hor.

What solutions can meet environmental and landscaping challenges best?

Today, we are all confronted with a range of major challenges – the climate and biodiversity (environment), and the quality of life (landscapes).
Elected officials and public authority technical managers have a choice of solutions with which to react – mainly the integration of plants and green spaces.

Why run a national survey?

Our sponsor Plante & Cité has decided to support public authorities by launching a national survey to consolidate the place of plants in public and private urban developments.

What is the objective of this national survey?

The aim of this national survey is to find out more about the practices and needs of public authorities and then to propose operational recommendations.
The idea is to ensure they adopt good practices.

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Yet another great initiative by our sponsor Plante & Cité which provides unwavering support to green space managers. The challenges they face are important and these recommendations make it easier to integrate plants and green spaces into town planning.

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