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About Redcinha Delclo

Redcinha® Delclo® offers quality outdoor landscaping solutions, at factory prices. Redcinha® is a wood plastic composite (WPC) manufacturer for screening, decking, cladding, and fencing.

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The exclusive composition of Redcinha® WPC, free of PVC raw material, will ensure unmatched durability. Explore our exceptional and unique products like the versatile R5® decking, featuring endless installation possibilities thanks to its different width blades. Delclo® is know as an expert in wire mesh fencing, and also offers a complete range of gabion wall, gates and portal. Our two brands have also collaborated to create modern and exclusive products, including the innovative Compoplak® base panels, WPC occultation kits, and the Delcinha® fencing system with its asymmetric meshes. Driven by our ongoing innovations, we are dedicated to providing unique outdoor landscaping solutions that can be tailored to fit any project. But that's not all. For the past year, both of our brands have introduced a groundbreaking service in the outdoor landscaping field: augmented reality. How about bringing your ideas to life directly in your garden? Redcinha® Delclo® has made it possible! With our application, you can instantly configure your outdoor space with virtual reality. Our application is also the perfect tool for obtaining approval for your construction plans from your local municipality.

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Since its launch in 2009, Paysalia has been organized in co-production with UNEP which supports landscape contractors on a daily basis through its 13 regional unions. UNEP defends for the interests of businesses in the landscape and garden sector, develops social standards for the profession, and leads the creation of professional guidelines for the industry.