14-12-2021 Show

Paysalia & Rocalia 2021 2 shows conjugating business, friendliness and the pleasure of chatting with people doing the same job!

Last autumn 2021, Paysalia, the benchmark Gardening & Landscaping show and Rocalia the natural stone show continued their successful growth and attracted 28,889 visitors, the same number as in 2019. For 3 days, the 1,481 companies and brands exhibiting and the visitors met up with pleasure to chat and do business together.

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Last autumn 2021, Paysalia, the benchmark Gardening & Landscaping show and Rocalia the natural stone show continued their successful growth and attracted 28,889 visitors, the same number as in 2019. 
For 3 days, the 1,481 companies and brands exhibiting and the visitors met up with pleasure to chat and do business together



The French market is very buoyant 

Paysalia benefitted from the buoyancy of the gardening and landscaping market in France. In fact, the number of French visitors to the show was up 3.5% in 2021, reflecting this very high growth, particularly in the private home market with record growth up 17.5% in the first half of 2021, very welcome after the drop in 2020.

For three days Paysalia promoted my company’s national and even international brand awareness. In the same place, at the same time, we talked directly to the end users of our products as well as specifiers, architects and their clients. This unique opportunity is given to us in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alps region – the region where we do the most business. 

Fabrice Chiavaro - Manager of Urbavert


Paysalia, meaningful solutions to the challenges of the sector and society

Yet again this year Paysalia, the benchmark trade show for the sector, targeted professionals designing, installing and maintaining private and public gardens and green spaces. Paysalia is the only Show in Europe to propose this coverage with an offer renewed each time (30% of first-time exhibitors in 2021) and even more (+25%) exhibitors from outside France.

I come to each edition of Paysalia to discover the innovations in particular in material and also to find new suppliers. The Show also boosts our own creativity in green spaces, because we see very beautiful things and want to copy them in our parks and gardens. 

Coralie Mauget - Green Spaces Unit manager for the Greater Montpellier, France

Paysalia 2021 reasserted its main objective - to assist all Gardening and Landscaping sector professionals in finding solutions to meet the new challenges and changes with which they are confronted - climate change through the Biodiversity & Environment Village and the Green City Day on Thursday, December 2nd, sector attractiveness and new team skill requirements with the Jobs and Training Employment Village and the new markets to conquer (urban agriculture, building vegetalisation …) - the focus of the  conferences in the Paysalia Forums.
Over and above the challenges facing the sector, Paysalia addresses the changes in our society by convincing landscape designers, public authorities, innovative businesses as well architects and manufacturers to share the same ambition: i.e. to participate in ecological transition and build a world in closer harmony with nature so we can all live better together today - and tomorrow.


Shows open to students in the sectors concerned

Paysalia and Rocalia always host nearly 1,500 landscaping and natural stone students led by trainers and teachers. They were helped to prepare their entry into the working world by meeting suppliers and discovering the latest trends. They also participated in workshops and conferences at the Paysalia Jobs and Training Village and the Rocalia Trades and Skills Space. With over 6,000 job vacancies in landscaping businesses and a host of opportunities in natural stone trades, getting employers and students together is essential for the future of these sectors.
During this edition partnerships were also consolidated with several Apprentice (CFA) training centres and for the first time Student Juries were formed to judge the Carré des Jardiniers and Paysalia Innovations Awards contests, which awarded the “student’s favourite” prizes.


The Paysalia Innovation Awards were a big hit

The Paysalia Innovations Awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, November 30th. 
It turned the spotlight on sector innovations and rewarded three of them.

  • 2nd and Students Favourite prizes - AMTER depolluting geotextile by AMARANDE 
  • 3rd prize - CEORA™ robot mower by HUSQVARNA 


Carré des Jardiniers Master Gardener 2021 winner Franck Serra

The Carré des Jardiniers, the main Paysalia event, elected its ambassador on Wednesday, December 1st, at an emotion-packed award ceremony before an enthusiastic audience. Chaired by Jean Mus, the jury picked Franck Serra as Master Gardener 2021 for his project “Human & Sens”, which perfectly illustrated the 2021 theme - “A garden for (gracious) living”. 
This award makes the landscape designer from the Dordogne the Ambassador for the Profession for the next two years. Franck Serra was also elected “student’s favourite”, a prize given this year for the 1st time by landscaping students!


Rocalia highlighted natural stone and its trades

The synergy developed since 2017 between Paysalia and Rocalia made it possible again this year to propose a true added-value in both the contents of the Show and the complementarity of the sets of themes treated to all the professional buyers and specifiers present. A unique conjunction of minerals and plants which attracted 29,000 visitors (construction and outdoor installation professionals, public authorities, private developers and specifiers). The Show sponsors actively organised many much appreciated events and demonstrations for the visitors.
Major challenges for the sector highlighted at Rocalia 2021 included the environmentally-friendly properties of natural stone, its use in restoring heritage buildings, the use of digital technology and training in the Jobs and Skills Space and “On the way to THE WorldSkills trades competition.

For the natural stone sector, the challenges of the future are basically ecological. 
For our business, we try to use natural stones from the area where we work to avoid long-distance transport to limit our carbon impact and to coordinate our works with the architecture of our heritage buildings and obtain a coherent landscape in this way.

Martin Ossant - Lille European Metropolis, France 


The “Building in natural stone in the 21st century” contest rewarded five recent works carried out in France using natural stone either mainly from France and/or transformed in France:

  • Grand Prix - Blaye (33) Tourist Information office
  • Special Jury prize - Les Carrés de Lenfant (13)
  • Housing Category award-winner - 65 housing units for social housing and at Plan-Les-Ouatess (Switzerland)
  • Work Building Category - School complex at Opio (06)
  • Urban Integration Category – Homes and shops in Paris (75)
  • Special award by the jury for integration - 8 family homes in Paris (75)


Your “must” appointment is at Eurexpo-Lyon from December 5th to 7th, 2023 for our next edition!



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Since its launch in 2009, Paysalia has been organized in co-production with UNEP which supports landscape contractors on a daily basis through its 13 regional unions. UNEP defends for the interests of businesses in the landscape and garden sector, develops social standards for the profession, and leads the creation of professional guidelines for the industry.