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Landscaping trends which took root in gardens in 2021

Look at these garden trends closely and stock up your plants and furniture inventory accordingly!


What landscape gardening trends appeared lately? Paysalia tracked these new concepts which, like all other fashions, come and go as ideas and society change. Look at them closely as you prepare your next garden designs in 2021 and stock up your plants and furniture inventory accordingly!

The Slow Garden and Slow Flowers: cool at last

Have you noticed how everything has slowed down since Covid? Between home working for those who could, the absence of family parties and outings, this time-out has obliged us to get cool. Although worrying for everyone used to living at 200 mph, as the months passed, this slow-down became the norm.

Our gardens have slowed down too. Easier to maintain, they have become living spaces. Whereas before they were more for show, now they feature hardy perennials, plants that need less water and natural minerals.

Slow Gardens invite you to live gently and graciously, without too much gardening to interrupt your newly acquired serenity.

Plant trends to favor: Cortaderia Selloana, hardy perennials, ground cover, untrimmed hedges, mulch…

Green Balance: finding a new equilibrium

As a direct follow-on from these new gardening trends, we need to build hideaways to shelter from lockdowns, curfews and all the other depressing restrictions.

This is a time to get away from it all in a garden – and reshape our daily routines. A quest for spirituality, softness, order, peace and quiet – the key words for Green Balance gardens, true havens of serenity in which plants and furniture are in pastel colors and soft shapes. To perfect this balance, compose plants, natural stone and water harmoniously.

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Curled up in this soft cocoon, the world outside cannot get to us and we can finally meditate in silence, observe life getting back on track again and letting negativity fly away.

Plant trends to favor: Japanese maple, bamboo, eucalyptus gunnii…

Edible Gardens: fun and useful too

Another idea back in fashion! When restaurants close, we go back to the joys of home cooking and fresh produce. Growing your own food, a central theme in a world in which healthy food is sometimes more difficult to get than junk food, leads to edible gardens.

Surrounded by flowers, leafy plants and fruit trees, kitchen gardens are back in force! Marrows and beans mingle with climbing plants, while cabbages and lettuces can be found in flower beds. Kitchen gardens are not only found in the countryside but also grow in towns, where terraces and shared gardens bring joy, friendliness and education. You pick what you grow and share it with other hearty eaters in your garden. An ideally short circuit!

Plant trends to favor: hedges of shrubs with berries (blackberries, gooseberries…), spices and herbs, grapes…

Everything you need to know about edible gardens

Water Gardens: a bubble of happiness

There is nothing better than relaxing to the sound of running water. By integrating fountains, waterfalls, pools and fountains, gardens acquire a new aquatic dimension. Beautiful, therapeutic, refreshing and fun, everyone enjoys water and it runs just as well in big spaces as in the smallest gardens. Protective of biodiversity, water gardens become “must” rendezvous points for dragonflies and birds.

To make maintenance easier, use filtering, floating, oxygenating and shady plant species or bioremediation to recreate natural balance. And to take the plunge, choose a natural swimming pool perfectly integrated into its surroundings!

Plant trends to favor: water lilies, giant Japanese horsetail, marsh irises, mini-papyrus…

Water and gardens: naturally together!

Green means Fun: dare to live and say who you are

Gardens mirror the soul. A unique, singular soul which deserves to thrive in a garden the vibrations of which let it be. There is only one way to do this: get boldly off the beaten track. Be original!

Dare to innovate! Mix colors, shapes, furniture and plants to create a completely unique, surprising and entertaining garden. Let your imagination run wild, placing good humor and spontaneity at the heart of this sea of colors. To be oneself and ignore the codes of normality that constrain our society is an invitation to kids and adults alike to simply have fun!

Plant trends to favor: Black Ipomea Knowlians, Semperivivae, dwarf lupins, double Mystery Dream lilies, trimmed boxwood...

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