Garden trends in 2021

Chlorosphere will reveal the upcoming landscaping and gardening trends in a conference during Paysalia 2019.

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What are the emerging landscaping trends for 2020/2021? Visitors to Paysalia 2019 were able to attend a conference led by trend consultants Chlorosphere, who revealed the results of their international monitoring of forthcoming influences. An event you shouldn't have missed, so as to anticipate your customers' future desires!

A major event in preparing for the future of landscaping

The collaboration between trend consultancy Chlorosphere and the Paysalia trade show has been tried and tested: in 2011, Paysalia launched its very own professional guide to landscaping and garden trends, based on monitoring work performed by Chlorosphere's trend analysts. This year, the consultancy firm have promoted its renowned trend book during a conference at Paysalia 2019 (Lyon).

At this conference, Chlorosphere have revealed the major outlines of the trends that will transform our gardens in 2020/2021, covering aspects including landscaping, materials, plant ranges and garden accessories. This was a key event in preparing your commercial proposals for future landscaping requirements, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your customers' desires!

A word from Manuel Rucar, Chlorosphere CEO, before the show

“Our theme for 2020/2021 is based on depth. This concept relates both to a trend for physical depth, using materials to create relief and employing the blue color, and to a societal change that forces us to think more deeply about new needs. 

In the case of private individuals, the older generation now calls on landscaping companies to reduce the work involved in maintaining their gardens. We have noted that there are fewer and fewer maintenance contracts, and increasing numbers of contracts to create gardens requiring reduced maintenance (such as the installation of artificial turf).

With regard to local councils, trends reveal a return to the use of vegetation in urban areas owing to a high level of demand from the inhabitants, who are looking for meaning and nature. This presents significant challenges, in particular in finding the right suppliers capable of making a success of such major transformations. 

These two aspects will be addressed “in depth” during our conference at the Paysalia 2019 trade show!”

Find out more about trend consultancy Chlorosphere!

As a specialist in trends relating to the gardening, landscaping and plants sector, Chlorosphere identifies, compiles and analyzes emerging influences and breaks them down for landscaping professionals. The firm's monitoring work offers significant added value for the landscaping sector, enabling professionals to stay ahead of changing trends and position themselves accordingly with regard to customers.

So as to provide the best possible support for professionals, Chlorosphere compiles these landscaping trends in an elegant book comprising, in particular:

  • 750 high-definition images;
  • 60 material samples;
  • 80 plant varieties to be used;
  • 30 exclusive designs;
  • 40 popular colors.

Available on paper or in a digital version, this garden trend book is intended to serve as an essential resource for professionals in this sector.

Pre-order the Chlorosphere trend book!

Here is a reminder of five trends identified in 2018 which remain as relevant as ever!

Relive the conference in podcast as if you were there: soon available

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