Top 6 of most beautiful topiary art creations

19 June 2017

Techniques, originals, inspirational… If topiary creations are called art forms, there is a reason! Here we list the 6 most beautiful examples of topiary art in the world. Worth the look!

1/ Topiary art in Marqueyssac Château Gardens

The list starts with a listed site! These topiary art creations can be seen in the hanging gardens of Marqueyssac Château in the Périgord region of France. Along the 6km circuit, the garden features over 150,000 century-old boxwood plants hand-pruned into geometrical shapes.  

2/The giant sleeping chick in Nantes

Le poussin géant, œuvre de l’illustrateur et auteur de littérature jeunesse Claude Ponti, s’est installé dans le Jardin des plantes de Nantes pour le festival Les voyages à Nantes. Depuis quatre ans, l’auteur participe à l’aménagement du jardin en assurant la direction artistique de créations originales.

3/ The Francisco Alvarado park in Zarcero, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you can walk under a cypress arch created by the sculptor and horticultural artist Evangelista Blanco Brenes in the Sixties. Today, the garden also displays aircraft, animals and motor bikes…

4/ The garden of Washington Old Hall in the United Kingdom

The garden of Washington Old Hall is maintained by voluntary gardener Joe Chipchase who carefully trims the hedges planted in 1985. His topiary creations are intended to be viewed from the Hall’s upper floor windows - and you need to see Joe’s vertiginous works from above!

5/ Busch Gardens in Tampa, USA

In Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa is an amusement park and a zoo with giraffes, tigers and butterflies… Real life, of course but not only – there are also larger than life animals in a well worth seeing topiary garden. A team of horticulturists works there 365 days a year to amaze visitors.

6/ The Shepherd in the Montreal Botanical garden, Canada

 In 2013, the botanical garden of Montreal hosted the Montreal Mosaïcultures Internationales for bedding plants. 250 horticultural artists presented their bedding creations and among them this remarkable work. So it isn't topiary art? The make-up is different but the objective is similar – to use plants to execute original creations and dazzle visitors!

The next work on our list? You are sure to find it in Lyon, France, at Paysalia trade show which highlights topiary art specialists. If you want to continue this journey, you are very welcome!

Crédit photo : Wikimedia Commons / Eva Rahman Nishi

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