French organization for ornamental horticulture and landscape VAL’HOR gets involved in Paysalia

30 Nov 2017

VAL’HOR has been bringing major players in the horticultural sector together since 2005, and today comprises 53,000 companies. Its goal? To develop markets and support businesses with a common vision: that plants are essential to life. According to Benoît Ganem, VAL’HOR’s President, there’s no better proof of this belief than being a Paysalia partner.


From Village Fleurs de France to the Carré des Jardiniers contest, Paysalia is the way forward

  For Benoît Ganem, the President of VAL’HOR, there’s no doubt: wherever horticulture is promoted, the alliance of businesses must be present. With this in mind, the federation will be involved in three flagship events at the Paysalia trade show, which correspond with its core commitments:

  • VAL’HOR organizes the “Fleurs de France” producers’ village, which promotes 37 businesses that have committed to a socially and environmentally-friendly approach.
  • VAL’HOR is also an official partner of the Carré des Jardiniers contest, which highlights the expertise of landscape companies and gardeners.
  • Furthermore, the organization promotes the expertise of the 94 finalists of the National Plant Recognition contest.

Horticultural businesses in union: a rare opportunity to enjoy the benefits

  Benoît Ganem believes that VAL'HOR’s interprofessional approach should serve the horticultural industry and all the participants in the sector, as well as their individual interests: "We are not a partner of Paysalia because the show is about the landscape, but because plants are given center stage, as well as producers and distribution partners.” When the different professions of production, distribution, business and development move forward together, this can prove fertile ground for the whole sector. The drive to unify makes sense for VAL’HOR, whose purpose is to ensure the future of the horticultural sector – because it’s only by involving all the industry’s professions that VAL’HOR can be in tune with their various interests. It’s an opinion shared by Paysalia – and one which explains the strong link between VAL’HOR and its 10 member federations.

The knowledge of plants must regain its importance

  Benoît Ganem believes that today we are more aware of the positive impact of plants and flowers on health: the benefits of nature are understood and have become increasingly acclaimed, including by communities. But you can’t improvise when working with plants – knowledge needs to be shared: “We must support all initiatives that show that taking care of plants requires real skills.” The french organization is therefore committed to collective actions so that every professional’s expertise is recognized. After all, these people are working for the wellbeing of everyone!

A real development strategy for landscape companies

  VAL’HOR is also involved in developing approaches to quality and eco-responsibility with the association “Excellence végétale”. The development of "Fleurs de France", "Label Rouge" and "Plante Bleue" labels give credibility to the entire sector. Trade fairs such as Paysalia are outstanding platforms for promoting this excellence and for promoting the sector. In effect, by supporting the development of the horticultural market, businesses can in turn develop themselves – and the entire industry reaps the rewards! As an ambassador, promoting horticultural professionals and their know-how through trade shows is a source of inspiration for VAL’HOR. Paysalia will be important in showing the progress of the sector and enabling horticultural and landscape companies to develop their markets. Want to be part of the Paysalia event?

We would like to thank Benoît Ganem, President of VAL’HOR, for his kind participation.  

Photo credit: Designed by welcomia / Freepik

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