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The CEORA™ robot mower – a new maintenance tool for big surfaces and sports grounds

The new CEORA™ robot mower from Swedish company Husqvarna won 3rd prize in the 2021 Paysalia Innovations Awards contest.


Praised by professionals, the new CEORA™ robot mower from Swedish company Husqvarna won 3rd prize in the 2021 Paysalia Innovations Awards contest. Heralded as “the future of grass maintenance for playing fields, golf courses and lawns” this work-alone robot provides an ecological, effective and simple alternative way to mow big surfaces. We talked to Account Manager Xavier LAUDE to find out more.

CEORA™ robot mower featured in Paysalia Innovations area
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Your innovation intrigued the professionals at show Paysalia 2021. What makes it different?

Xavier LAUDE: We launched our CEORA™ wireless robot mower in June 2021. Designed for maintaining big green spaces from 20,000 to 75,000sq.m. our revolutionary mower is totally stand-alone, quiet and has no gas emissions which makes it ideal for sports grounds (golf, football, rugby) and hotel gardens, private properties, swimming pool complexes, industrial sites, etc.

Its innovative specifications appealed to professional landscapers who awarded it the 3rd prize in the 2021 Paysalia Innovations Awards.

Paysalia Innovations Awards

Organized by Unep, these trophies reward innovative products and technologies created by companies marketing to professional landscapers to meet the needs of today - and tomorrow. They are awarded every two years at the Paysalia trade show.

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Tell us more about what CEORA™ can do?

Xavier LAUDE: Firstly, it is a robot mower which can help sports grounds owners progress to pesticide-free maintenance with no loss of game quality. As it can be used frequently it is great for tillering, thickening the grass and thus reducing the growth of weeds and diseases. For example, less meadow grass appears on golf courses.

It is also a mowing automation solution for big surfaces: it is quiet so it can be used 24 hours a day. It facilitates the mechanical maintenance of sports grounds (scarification, re-sowing, etc.), and as the robot mower is wireless, there is no risk of cutting a power line.


It is also emission-free and cost-saving – about €20 of electricity a month. Its low carbon footprint vs. ride-on mowers makes it ideal for green space managers looking for sustainable maintenance methods.

To finish, CEORA™ mowers can handle several separate work areas. You can send the robot to each zone to a well-defined schedule with customized cutting heights. In fact, a whole fleet of robot mowers can be remotely controlled, directly from the smartphone application or your PC.


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How does your robot mower assist public authorities who very often lack the time for their green spaces maintenance?

Xavier LAUDE: Public authorities have stopped recruiting. The challenge is to reassign the work time spent in mowing which eats up the hours and is not exactly self-fulfilling and spend the time saved on more important operations, like fertilization, sanding, re-seeding, etc. The CEORA™ robot mower is truly designed to enable maintenance personnel to use their skills where they are most useful.

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Mowing golf courses involves specific problems. How does your robot mower solve them?

Xavier LAUDE: Golf course mowing usually involves a complete arsenal of machines preset to mow the fairway (20 mm), the semi-rough (40 mm) and the rough (70 mm). As our robot mower does it all, green keepers do not need to invest in several machines and can manage the shearing height of the different golf course zones automatically.

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What is the degree of shearing accuracy of Husqvarna’s new robot?

Xavier LAUDE: Using EPOS satellite navigation technology, the robot can create extremely precise shearing height zones. With the free smartphone app, which requires no subscription, you can program the mowing areas and the obstacles to avoid. Installing a reference antenna with a radius of 500 m ensures extreme precision – from 2 to 3 cm.

Screenshot from the app

Can upgrades be expected?

Xavier LAUDE: CEORA™ is not a conventional robot mower. It is a multifunctional robot with an interchangeable front-end unit. We intend to design a wide range of accessories to make it general-purpose for fairways, line tracing, sweeping, etc.

What impact did winning 3rd prize in the 2021 Paysalia Innovations Awards have on your sales?

Xavier LAUDE: Winning certainly made landscapers and public authorities more aware of our new Husqvarna robot mower. It is a little difficult to quantify what this prize brought us but we benefited from Paysalia advertising and communications and gained several prospective customers thanks to this prize.

Our thanks to Husqvarna Account Manager Xavier LAUDE.

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