Garden for lovers of (the good things in) life, the Carré des Jardiniers contest theme in 2021

During Paysalia 2021 trade show, 5 landscapers will design a garden and try to win the coveted title of Master Gardener.

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A new theme for the new edition of the top contest for landscape designers - the Carré des Jardiniers! At Paysalia 2021, the coveted title of Master Gardener recognizing exceptional know-how and creativity will be awarded to the best landscape designer. The 5 finalists will have to design and install a garden from A to Z in the middle of the Show. The theme this year is life and good living, which can be interpreted in a host of ways...

Edible gardens

Earth for growing food, the very first function of gardens in the history of humanity. A utilitarian role we tend to forget as we focus on beauty. But why not combine both? On rooftops, balconies, shared gardens or gardens in town centers, edible gardens are back in fashion. Because bons vivants really enjoy good food and drink!

Gardens to relax in

Gardens and nature are places people go to wind down after tough days. Everyone knows that gardens de-stress and soothe. They greatly improve the quality of life (a phenomenon observed during lockdowns!) and contestants must integrate this notion in one way or another in their gardens competing at Paysalia 2021.

Medicine gardens

If nature goes hand in hand with vitality, it is because gardens care for both the body and the mind. Medicinal herbs have been grown in gardens since the dawn of time. Therapeutic gardens are becoming very popular in hospitals and retirement homes as they promote health and stimulate the senses through the virtues the plants release. In full bloom, therapeutic gardens were the theme for the Carré des Jardiniers contest in 2017!

Sanctuary gardens

In the heart of the garden, nature reasserts itself. Biodiversity flourishes and gardens are essential for ensuring GI continuity and fortresses to fight the rarefaction of animal and vegetable species. In gardens which support biodiversity, there are pollinating insects everywhere, birdsongs and a joyful mixture of plant varieties in landscapes brimful of life. 

Protective gardens

Heat waves are here to stay! But gardens are natural air-conditioners which can lower ambient temperatures by up to 2 degrees. But over and above their essential role in fighting heat pockets, gardens also reduce pollution and stress. In urban areas, green spaces are no longer considered as luxuries but as vital elements, and many communities are starting new projects!

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Civic gardens 

The idea of using gardens to promote civic values is gaining ground with insertion gardens to fight exclusion and vegetable gardens in schools. Green spaces are places for meetings, education, discussions and togetherness. The whole point of a village square – the theme for the Carré des Jardiniers contest in 2019!) - gardens are symbols of public life and freedom of speech in a bustling crowd.

Epicurean gardens 

And last but not least, gardens are stages for parties and the fun of getting together in your own back yard or a public park. Open spaces encourage friendliness and celebrations: eating, dancing, singing – and laughing. The simple pleasures of life come into their own in a garden crafted for bons vivants.

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