Paysalia Innovations Trophies 2017: discover the winning products !

22 November 2017

Organized by Unep and GL events Exhibitions, the Paysalia Innovations Trophies reward products or services that represent a technical innovation, aesthetic or a step towards sustainable development.

This year, 49 exhibitors applied with 55 products for only 6 places at the top of the ranking. The latter is established by a jury of 8 professionals and chaired by the President of the Scientific Council of Plante et Cité.

Discover the three winners for each category "News" and "Sustainable Development":

« Sustainable development » Paysalia Innovations laureates


1. NOVA-FLORE with the Dahlia Pollen Connect

The Dahlia Pollen Connect is certified Label Rouge and is associated with mycorrhiza for many benefits. It is an asset for the biodiversity and the luminosity of the massifs, ferries or planters.

2. PELLENC with the Lithium ion ULiB 1500 battery with comfort harness

PELLENC has designed the ULiB 1500 battery to ensure performance, user comfort and battery life which revolutionises the gardening business. The battery harness helps to make work more pleasant.


3. FLORENTAISE PRO with the Ecolabel professional substrates range

The first range of Ecolabel substrates for professionals! Unique and composed by local and renewable raw materials to help to preserve our planet wetlands !

 « New product » Paysalia Innovations laureates

1. BIOLINE AGROSCIENCES FRANCE with the Tricholine Buxus

Bioline has developed a new and totally natural solution for the control of boxwood moth.



2. S20EQUIPMENTS with s20protech

High efficiency drying cabinet. Ideal for garments worn by personnel confronted with cold and damp. Dry clothing quickly and improve working conditions.

3. TERRA FERMA with le.mur.jardin

Garden walls are the only way to create green load-bearing walls on one or two frontages. The plants are planted in a “large volume of rich soil”.


Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the 6 winners.


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