Paysalia Innovations Trophies 2019: discover the winning products!

03 December 2019

Organized by Unep and GL events Exhibitions, the Paysalia Innovations Trophies reward products or services that represent a technical innovation, aesthetic or a step towards sustainable development.

This year, 56 exhibitors applied with 51 products for only 3 places at the top of the ranking. The latter is established by a jury of 11 professionals and chaired by Louis-Marie Rivière, member of the Scientific Council of Plante et Cité.
A Jury "Coup de coeur" prize and a Students "Coup de coeur" prize were also awarded.

Discover the winners of Paysalia Innovations 2019:

1. EXPOLINE with the Expo-Line Robot Linemarker

At the start of the soccer season, the marking of your pitch takes a lot of time and energie. Expo-Line has the perfect solution for your organisation. It marks your pitch in less than 22 minutes. All you have to do is watch him work. Thanks to its integrated GPS connected to a pc tablet the Robot is completely autonomous.

2. TERRASSTEEL with the the HIGH finishing profile TERRASSTEEL®

The HIGH finishing profile TERRASSTEEL® brings several functions, it allows:

  • The blocking of ceramic tiles in periphery,
  • Self-supporting, it support the passage of one person on the border of terrace without the ceramic tile rise up,
  • The vertical installation of the ceramic tile and the alignment of it,
  • Sticking of ceramic tile (polyurethane glue) thanks to its geometry,
  • To increase the quality of finishing aesthetic of the installation

3. NETAFIM with the automatic screen filters SCREENGUARD™

The ScreenGuard ™ Self Clean Filter provides high quality filtration from various types of fluid sources such as tanks, rivers, lakes and boreholes. Netafim Screenguard ™ automatic screen filters provide perfect protection for irrigation systems.

Jury "Coup de cœur" prize
CITÉFLOR-CITYMUR with the CityMur Arcadia Protect

Le Citymur Arcadia Protect est issu de la gamme "Citymur" breveté. Sa base est constituée d'un bloc béton entouré de structures métalliques "citymur" végétalisés, entre autres avec des plantes grimpantes.

Students "Coup de cœur" prize
EXHAUSS with the EXOSKELETON for Pole Hedge Trimmer

EXHAUSS now offers its expertise and know-how of occupational industrial exoskeletons to landscapers! A supernumerary exoarm entirely compensates the effets of gravity, so a pole hedge trimmer for instance just floats in front of the user : his arm muscles, shoulders and back are not solicited any longer.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the 5 winners.


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