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Optimizing water use: 3 innovations for green spaces seen at Paysalia 2023

Take a look at three innovations featured in the new products section at Paysalia 2023: AKOA One, SAMCLA Focus and Hydrawise HPC.


Paysalia, the event you can’t afford to miss for the latest products in the landscape sector, was once again particularly rich in innovations in 2023. Water restrictions, now almost systematic in the summer months, are pushing landscape professionals to optimize green space water use... and manufacturers are not short on ideas to meet this need. Did you miss them? Take a look at three innovations featured in the new products section.


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AKOA One uses AI to save water

Voted "Student's choice" at the 2023 Paysalia Innovations Awards, the smart watering system (IOT) by AKOA System is sure to appeal to landscape professionals. The promise: to reduce water use in private and community gardens by 30%. It uses AI to establish a watering schedule for each zone of the garden with hourly updates based on three criteria:


  • the local weather in real time and details of the previous and upcoming days
  • the type of garden, with precise configuration of the watering zones and their physical characteristics
  • the types of plants, taking account of the water requirements of each of the varieties in the garden.


This automatic watering system, developed in partnership with INRAE, can be fitted to any installation with 24-volt solenoid valves. The box can be controlled remotely via an application. The business model is based on a rental system that costs €15/month incl. VAT, with a 12-month commitment and a €99 security deposit.


“Participating in Paysalia 2023 and winning the Student’s Choice award really boosted our credibility which opened up new opportunities for us, even with banks. It is also very helpful when you are canvassing landscapers and gardeners. Now, they are the ones who contact us! It's a real springboard, and I think that considering the current water conservation issues, people feel that the timing of our arrival on the market was just right."


— Joe Cilonna, Sales Director, AKOA Systems


AKOA System
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Are you looking for ways to optimize garden and green space water use? An automatic watering system is ideal for more efficient water management!


SAMCLA launches a new generation of controllers: The SAMCLA Focus 

With its range of 1, 2, 4 and 6-channel Bluetooth controllers, SAMCLA offers a more user-friendly solution, with tenfold power and autonomy. It is designed for private and public gardens, as well as sports facilities and agriculture, and offers significant advantages:


  • ultra-low consumption with a battery life of more than 3 years
  • long-distance solenoid valve activation (up to 200 m)
  • immediate on-site watering activation, even without a smartphone
  • an anti-theft system
  • very low maintenance costs (2 x 1.5-volt AA batteries)


This professional automatic watering system was designed to be affordable for everyone, and adaptable to all needs. The system can also be fitted with a rain sensor (not supplied).


Samcla Focus


Hydrawise HPC, a water management application designed by HUNTER INDUSTRIES

Managing all your customers' green spaces is not necessarily easy. Good equipment management is one of the keys to optimizing green space water use! Thanks to the Hydrawise HPC cloud-based application, landscape professionals can keep an eye on each customer’s controller, and in particular: 


  • take advantage of an intuitive, versatile system to manage their watering programs, without having to be present
  • achieve up to 50% water conservation in the first year with Predictive Watering technology and professional programming options
  • always stay informed through information reports
  • receive notifications of excessive energy use by text messages and the application


This product is compatible with all the brand's Wi-Fi controllers and should convince professionals looking for a comprehensive management tool for their watering schedules.




The Paysalia 2023 trade show shed light on significant advances in the field of watering optimization. AKOA System, SAMCLA Focus, and Hydrawise offer smart, autonomous, and efficient solutions that meet the current needs of professionals and the requirements of water conservation. 


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