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How to save water in gardens and green spaces?

Because of hydrous stress, we need to invent new, more eco-friendly and efficient water management systems and methods.


Water is a priceless asset for landscapers. Because of hydrous stress, plantations are threatened although they render us great services. We need to invent new, more eco-friendly and efficient water management systems and methods. Here are some ideas on how to save water in the gardens and green spaces in your care!

What place for water in gardens following climate change?

From hydraulic engineering to irrigate our crops to water gardens for beauty, water has played a central part in landscaping for several millennia.

As droughts intensify, how should we manage “blue gold” in landscapes? One thing is sure! Due to its irreplaceable properties, water is not yet likely to disappear from our green spaces. But as History has taught us, water management is not a long slowly rolling river - it evolves with our needs. It is up to us to imagine new management methods!

Water and gardens: naturally together!

What does watering do for green spaces?

Water, of course, keeps plants alive but that’s not all! It extends the duration of flowering, has a positive impact on biodiversity, collects more CO₂ and reduces local temperatures.

However, some generally accepted ideas continue to exist and can destroy these benefits. To save water in gardens, people subject plants to unnecessary and sometimes even counterproductive hydrous stress. SYNAA President Pierre-Alain Madelaine gives his vision of watering and advice for more sustainable green space water management.

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How to manage rain water more effectively?

Rain and run-off water management is a tough problem which worsens as storms become more violent and floods more frequent. If main drainage is now the general model, it cannot absorb downpours, particularly when it is coupled with massive waterproofing of the ground.

Adopted everywhere for its natural cleansing properties and rain water absorption capacity, plants are the ideal solution for more sustainable town planning, in phase with the new challenges caused by climate change.

When rainwater harvesting becomes a challenge

What if automated watering was the answer to save water?

Good water management consists in bringing the right quantity to the right place at the right time. That is difficult to do with manual watering! But new technologies can automate watering and bring many benefits to gardeners and maintenance technicians.

Reduction in water consumption, limitation of soil erosion, remote control or maintenance time saving, we outline below what automation can change for you.

6 benefits from automated watering systems

What are the most promising concepts to save water in green spaces?

Because it is confronted with these problems every day, the landscaping sector constantly innovates to save water and strike a new balance. At Paysalia 2021, several exhibitors presented their solutions which we divided into several categories - new more productive watering systems, home automation, new-generation substrates and rain water depolluting tools.

Innovations to monitor closely and which already today save substantial volumes of water in all landscaping projects.

4 methods you should try to save water

How to limit water consumption on golf courses?

It is difficult to attract players to greens which are not! Golf courses are among the most demanding sports grounds. The grass on fairways and greens must be impeccable and watered regularly. To limit the consumption of these thirsty courses, golf club managers can pick from several solutions.

For clubs that do not want to invest in synthetic grass, choose good seeds, reuse waste water, store rain water and when possible improve existing watering systems. And to go even further in eco-friendly golf, test alternatives to pesticides and avoid lost balls!

For an eco-friendly golf course

The hydrous stress is a reality and growing fast. But it does not have to threaten green spaces. By reinventing watering methods and water management, we can adapt! And never forget another important way to save water in gardens: choose local, not very thirsty plants.

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