24-10-2023 Show

Paysalia 2023 invites communities to a completely redesigned Green City Day

Attend a conference on trees, have a discussion with your peers over a cocktail, and discover three innovative landscape developments... in a virtual visit!

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Do you manage the green spaces of a town, the town planning, or the living environment…? During Green City Day, attend a conference on trees, have a discussion with your peers over a cocktail, and discover three innovative landscape developments... in a virtual visit! No need to go outside the show anymore: Paysalia brings you inspiring projects for building future towns without interrupting your visit to our exhibitors. See you on December 7th, 2023!

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Virtual visit 1: The biodiverse plain (Bourgoin-Jallieu, Isère)


Prairie fleurie


Prairie fleurie


How was an urban green space in the middle of priority districts and accustomed to frequent mowing transformed into a biodiverse oasis? It all started with the following acknowledgment: according to a German study in the review PLOS ONE, in less than 30 years, the insect populations have decreased by 80% in Europe. This increasing scarceness drags along amphibians, birds, small mammals and, in the end, humans.


The Manager of Green Spaces, Mathieu Dupin’s team, who were inexperienced in this type of landscaping, trained and worked relentlessly to create a maximum of different biotopes in a single place. Result: a sanctuary of over 11,000 m2 for insects which serves as a dedicated educational medium for youths on biodiversity. The project notably includes: 


  • a dead hedge
  • a dry stone wall
  • a micro-forest 
  • an edible hedge
  • and much more!
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Virtual visit 2: Green schoolyards (Villefranche-sur-Saône, Rhône)


Cour d'école végétalisée


Cour d'école végétalisée


Urban heat islands are not only in our streets. Schoolyards, which are traditionally made of concrete, are also subject to heat waves, and even become dangerous for school children. That is why the town of Villefranche-sur-Saône launched two greening projects at Paul Eluard nursery school and Ferdinand Buisson primary school. 


Under the direction of Anissa Gleize, Director of Green Spaces, the projects which were carried out from July to August 2022 enabled, not only the creation of cool shaded areas, but also to depave the soil by 100%, design green spaces dedicated to learning about nature, and even to diversify recreational games. Included are: 


  • a special place for color in the landscaping
  • a playful path designed in the resin soil
  • a vegetable garden
  • an extensive collection of non-toxic plant species
  • etc.
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Virtual visit 3: Community gardens (Villeurbanne, Rhône)


Jardins de Jeanne


Jardins de Jeanne


In the heart of Villeurbanne, a 750m² community garden was built in allée Jeanne Moreau. This project was completed to de-pollute and depave the soil and the objective was ambitious: create an inclusive garden accessible to all residents in which to work in contribution to biodiversity.


Jeanne’s gardens are divided into 3 areas: a reception space, cultivated spaces and an annually greened space, designed to serve as a biodiversity refuge. Birds, hedgehogs or even bats will therefore be welcome in an urban green space in one of the largest French cities. Among the fittings are: 


  • raised plant holders
  • a fragrant spire
  • a hedgerow
  • a pergola that shades a community table
  • and many other things to discover in the virtual visit.
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Complete program for the Green City Day

  • 10 am - 11:30 am: Conference on trees
  • 12 noon - 1 pm: Aperitif cocktail
  • 1:15 pm - 1:45 pm: Presentation of the project “The Gardens of Gerland Pré Gaudry”, by Terideal
  • 2 pm - 3:30 pm: Virtual visits

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In partnership with:


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Don’t miss this Green City Day with lots of information for communities and get your free access badge now for the Paysalia show.

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