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10 visions of the “garden for lovers of (the good things in) life”

The Carré des Jardiniers 2021 garden contest's theme is far from simple. Former and current finalists share their interpretation!

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What comes to mind if someone says a “garden for lovers of (the good things in) life”? This theme chosen for the Carré des Jardiniers 2021 garden contest hosted by the Paysalia trade show is far from simple. A challenge for the five finalists as it can be interpreted in a host of ways. To prepare for this great moment appreciated by all landscaping professionals, we asked former and current finalists as well the organizers of the famous garden contest just what this topic evokes for them.


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The Carré des Jardiniers 2021 finalists are pushing their creativity to the limits

Hélène PEPIN - Finalist 2021

My approach is focused on edible plants. Pleasure is immediate when you address food! And you create memories when you stir emotions. To share our passion for plants via edible plants seems to be a good response to the theme. For us, garden designs are determined by what they are used for. And what could be more enjoyable than meeting friends and family around a table, in a luxuriant garden with fruit within reach?

Stéphane FRITSCH - Finalist 2021

For me, this garden expresses, awakes and stimulates the five senses. Everything is in perfect harmony. The stuff of dreams, emotions and beauty. A garden in which to live multi-sensorial experiences. It is also a work of art with the creation of a space of absolute wellbeing in which I want to move visitors and transmit emotions to encourage them to express themselves and extend their perceptions.

Guillaume LACHANA - Finalist 2021

Like all gardens, garden for the lovers of (the good things in) life invites visitors to awaken their senses and take them on a journey from an urban to a country garden for feelings of proximity and wellbeing. Our garden is also edible, a place for growing fruit and vegetables (...). Last but not least, our garden will have a teaching role in particular about the future of soils and fertilizers, particularly in urban environments

Franck SERRA - Finalist 2021

A garden for lovers of (the good things in) life unites the abundance of an edible garden and the joy of sharing meals at big tables. Every aspect - the choice of materials, plants and final execution - is environmentally-friendly. It shows that creativity can be combined with urban naturalization and everyone’s wellbeing. The whole garden respects the living world and creates welcoming surroundings echoing the good things in life. Focused around spaces for gracious living and wellbeing, our garden indicates the direction for which Mankind is constantly searching.

Matthias ORSI - Finalist 2021

Water brings the garden for lovers of (the good things in) life alive. Varied vegetation takes root, grows, blooms, flowers, produces and evolves over time in “symbiosis” with the gardener. In the center of the garden, the hydraulic structure which collects the water provides cooling shade, supports fruit-bearing climbing plants, cools and protects encouraging fun, sharing, rest, relaxation and wellbeing.

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And what do former Carré des Jardiniers finalists think about it?

Antoine DELTOUR - Finalist 2019

Gardens mean life. Fauna, flora, earth, water… Living gardens are balanced, evolve serenely and each element has its rightful place so that the diversity of every living element is fully active and in osmosis. In our gardens, we often integrate kitchen gardens growing food for people! Feeding mankind in harmony with nature respects the planet and keeps it alive too!

André BISACCIA - Finalist 2019

For me, gardens are places for fun. They are where lovers of (the good things in) life daydream, dawdle and enjoy family meals. The finalists will have to make them fun places too as that is what customers want today! They tell us, “Fortunately we have a garden to get through these troubled times”. Gardens have become places to chill out, have fun and overindulge. And the second concept is living. Gardens are alive and can give us so much. I would include a kitchen garden!

Jérôme GRANGER - Finalist 2019

Gardens exist to house living organisms and have fun – spaces for sharing and pleasure. Whatever the main idea adopted by each finalist, all their gardens will be places for gracious living. The challenge is how, with such a broad set of themes, to surprise the jury with inventive elements? To grab the jury’s attention the candidates will have to find something very different!

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When the organizing team dreams about the garden for lovers of (the good things in) life

Laurent BIZOT - UNEP President 

For me, the garden for lovers of (the good things in) life is a place to enjoy with your family or friends surrounded by plants. It is an island of greenery where children can pick strawberries in the middle of flowers, while parents barbecue a meal under the fruit tree which will provide jams for the winter while the dog rolls around on the lawn. It is a place for living, contemplation, sharing and eating, while weaving durable and intimate bonds with nature.

Florence ROUSSON-MOMPO - Paysalia Director 

The garden for lovers of (the good things in) life is a set of themes we chose to inspire this garden contest. Personally, I think that in this Covid crisis, our union with nature is a primary concern for everyone. Over and above places in which to dream, gardens have become necessities. Living gardens bring together all the ecosystems, promoting synergies and interchanges. Gardens symbolize gracious living – to chill out, imagine and feed our bodies and minds.

Gardens for lovers of (the good things in) life is without doubt a set of themes which will call on the very personal bonds each finalist has with plants, but also with their families and friends. To stroll in their gardens and discover the winner of the Carré des Jardiniers 2021 garden contest, visit Paysalia from November 30 to December 2, 2021!

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