15-09-2021 Environment

Discover the Biodiversity-Environment Village, a new Paysalia 2021 forum

Landscape professionals and public authorities can seek tailored advice and solutions from experts in environmental questions.

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In a single place, find out everything you want to know about “chemical free” maintenance, the installation of biological corridors, plant species and essences which attract pollinating insects and replanting public spaces! At Paysalia 2021, landscapers and public authorities are invited to discover the new Biodiversity-Environment Village to understand how to deal with these vital challenges.

Paysalia 2019 © Nicolas Rodet

When biodiversity (at last) becomes a major talking point for society

In addition to looking good, plants are habitats for biodiversity. Insects, birds and other animals hide, eat and mate there. Without plants there can be no life and that is why it is essential to preserve and rebuild the biological corridors destroyed by decades of urbanization.

Everywhere, plants are returning to city centers, giving pleasure to local inhabitants. And this movement can be seen in French politics too, with the “greens” more prominent than ever before in the local elections held in 2020. In fact, Biodiversity is one of the main themes of Paysalia 2021!

The landscaping business as a whole must adopt this trend

As pioneers of revegetalization, landscapers are key to safeguarding biodiversity. Thanks to their unique know-how, knowledge about species and the techniques to use, landscaping professionals are the driving force behind this transition.

This is why Paysalia 2021 has opened a village dedicated to biodiversity and the environment, to assist landscapers in this mission – and to make specifiers aware because they will be building the sites that will block the biological corridors in tomorrow’s world!

A village dedicated to helping landscapers and public authorities to adopt this new role

“Chemical free” maintenance, rehabilitation of abandoned industrial sites, alternative management of green spaces and constructions built with biodiversity in mind… The landscaping business is changing and needs to know how to approach these new challenges.

The 70sq.m. Biodiversity-Environment Village promotes these topics and is a place dedicated to discussing environmental questions. Like the two faces of a coin, landscape professionals and public authorities have, more than ever, to work hand in hand. Both can find precise answers provided by “must” experts in these subjects:

The Biodiversity-Environment Village will be on stand 5G114.

Paysalia 2021 will be held from November 30 to December 2, 2021. Come and discover the Biodiversity-Environment Village, our Green City Day and our thematic conferences!

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