06-10-2021 Green City

Take part in the Green City Day to rethink your urban spaces

A "must" meeting for public authorities looking to green their towns and implement sustainable town planning!

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All the professionals building the towns of tomorrow are invited to a special day of technical conferences and visits at Paysalia 2021 trade show. The Green City Day is the “MUST” meeting for public authorities looking to green their towns and implement sustainable town planning!


The Forest of Asia, a new immersive space of the Tête d'Or urban park

Do you have questions about greening your city? We have the answers!

To improve our quality of life and protect biodiversity and the environment, it is vital to replan urban spaces. We need to deploy an effective greening strategy and it is not always simple to know how and where to start.

In a plan covering green spaces, buildings and traffic areas, Hortis, AITF and Grand Lyon are organizing Green City Day on December 2, 2021 to show how it can be done. Explore innovative green spaces to identify several feasible, sustainable solutions for your community. What could be better than Lyon, a green city with a thousand facets, as the case study for this technical day?

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Green City Day is free of charge and reserved for professionals responsible for green spaces, town planning or the quality of life as well as professionals in charge of the design, implementation and maintenance of public authority green spaces and landscaping.

On Green City Day there will be three different technical visits 

Green City Day will begin at 9.00am with a welcome coffee on the AGORA, in the Carré des Jardiniers zone. Chat and exchange ideas with professionals sharing the same problems as you. The morning will continue at 11.00am with a round table dedicated to sustainable town planning on the Paysalia FORUM, led by Hortis (Pascal GOUBIER), CAUE 69, CNVVF (Thibaut BEAUTE) and Greater Lyon - AITF (Frederic SÉGUR).

Consult the Paysalia 2021 conference program

The afternoon will be devoted to the technical visit you choose.

Visit 1: the new Castellane district in Sathonay Camp and the arboretum of trees adapted to climate change, led by Frederic SÉGUR


This new 40ha district is the reconversion of a former army camp which integrates the problems of the adaptation of the city to climate change. In particular you will see an all-inclusive strategy of alternative rainwater management linked to the landscape as well as an innovative approach to plantation. 

An arboretum featuring more than one hundred species of trees adapted to the climate and the ground was planted under the Grand Lyon Canopy Plan. This project merits close attention and the visit is led by the people who implemented it!

Visit 2: The Champ de la Confluence, the acclimatized city of tomorrow, led by Marie-Paule COASSY from SPL Lyon Confluence and Jean-Marie ROGEL from Hortis (reserved for English-speakers)


The Champ project rehabilitates a former industrial site by planting an urban forest. When finished, between private gardens and public pathways, the 5.5ha wood will bring nature downtown. Studying this project will help you create and manage town planning methods applicable to all the participants in the project - future private owners and public services alike.

If you want to rehabilitate unfertile grounds, Lyon’s SPL experimental laboratory will interest you particularly - the creation of fertile soil, recycled concretes, adapted and local plantations, seedbeds to grow trees on site…

Visit 3: Forest of Asia: a new immersive space in the middle of the Tête d’Or urban park 


A new completely refitted zone in the Tête d’Or zoo, the Forest of Asia houses a biotope typical of the forests of Asia fully integrated into the landscape and patrimonial spirit of the park. It houses 80 animals and 10,050 plants, including some rare and threatened species.

Go behind the scenes of this reorganization which has made it possible to create a fun and fully enclosed circuit in a decor of plants typical of Asian forests but adapted to Lyon’s weather. A beautiful project that aims to make visitors aware of the remarkable nature and fragility of this biotope.
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