Your ultimate guide about designing public green spaces!

From the design of a green space through to its maintenance, discover all our articles about creating a green space.


The creation of a green space is not an easy task for public authorities! From the design through to maintenance, nothing must be left to chance. To guide you in your approach, we have listed all the articles that help you understand what needs to be done when creating a green space.

Step one. Green space design

When designing or reworking a green space open to the public, you have to start by answering the following questions. What is the space for? Who is it for? What features must it have? These articles will help you find the right answers!

The WHO (World Health Organization) studied the problems most frequently encountered when designing green spaces. This is a summary of their findings!

It is difficult to understand what makes town planning user-friendly. We list “must” urban and sociological elements to include, with several real-life examples.

The boom in urban sports impacts all communities and means that town planning has to be adapted to promote this practice beneficial for health. Here’s how!

Green spaces can be used to help the people excluded from society and/or the workplace. Find inspiration in our examples of some green spaces designs.

Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma… The allergy season, usually from February to September, resounds with sneezes. Solutions exist to limit the concentration of allergens in green spaces to bring relief to involuntary snifflers. 

Why not design a healthy and self-sustaining agrosystem, inspired by nature, where all the plants cohabit respectfully? An interactive, fun concept, which charms all users!

The way therapeutic gardens work is by amplifying some of the virtues of traditional gardens to improve wellbeing. Methods include the choice of plants, circuits making it easy to get around, etc.

Some tools landscape designers can use

The landscape planning sector has a host of tools to help public authorities and private initiatives create their green spaces. We review some of them in the Paysalia blog!

Here are 4 alternative software packages to AutoCAD for landscape gardeners for designing green spaces in 3D. Click to explore!

Floriscope is a French Web application, created in the context of the Végébase project, defining the plants best adapted for the green space you are designing.

To contribute to bee survival, it is essential to pick the right range of flowers. Here is a list of the most attractive plants!

The idea of planting forests in city centers is slowly taking root – but how can we accelerate this trend? Here are some innovative techniques!

Phytotechnologies make it possible to manage or cleanse grounds with plants - a useful technique for recovering ground in bad condition, provided that the main aim of the green space is not to host the public!

Choose the right furniture for your green space

A recently created green space would be quite empty without brand new furniture! Check out our articles on the subject for some ideas.

Because adventure playground maintenance involves regular and expert care, keep up to date about the safety and durability of this specific kind of furniture!

Solar town planning may well be the way to meet the needs of park users while limiting the environmental impact of street furniture.

Bees, butterflies, flies and dragonflies can flourish in urban centers. Here are some easy ways to attract them!

LED lighting is a modern alternative to traditional street lights. Check out the advantages!

New uses, overcrowding, new risks… Green space management has to include new security measures!

Green space maintenance management 

Technical maintenance or installation operations need to be planned year by year. The question of maintenance must be addressed at the design phase of all green spaces as it needs to be budgeted. What skills will be necessary? What equipment will be needed and how much will it cost? The following articles will put you on the right track. 

To prevent the harmful impact of cigarette butts on the environment, you have to think about what to do with them during the design phase of your green space!

Some tips on how to manage a resource as precious as water when watering green spaces sustainably.

Processionary caterpillars can cause serious damage to trees, man and animals. Fortunately, you can get rid of them in an ecological way. 

The French energy transition law makes it obligatory to care for green spaces without chemical plant health products… But alternatives exist!

Weeds are often victims of their reputation. However, they can also be useful!

To better understand how to fight invasive species in an ecological way, we talked to Bioline Agroscience, winner of a Paysalia Innovations Trophy in 2017.

Genuine ecological mowers, animals contribute effectively to green spaces maintenance. Provided you choose the right animals!

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