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Our guide to digitalizing your landscaping company successfully

Here are some hints on how to digitalize your landscaping company whatever its size, effectively and — above all — simply!

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For several decades businesses in general have been looking to digitalization to progress. But although digitalization has many advantages, the subject is sometimes opaque and the innovations not always simple to understand. Fortunately, digital tools have become more open and are increasingly easy to access. Here are some hints on how to digitalize your landscaping company whatever its size, effectively and — above all — simply!

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What are the best tools to use to start digitalizing your landscaping company?

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Are you fed up with the administration involved in preparing quotes or reminders for unpaid invoices? Do you want to create a website to present your garden design services but lack the cash to call in a developer? Thanks to the simplification of digital tools, you can get a machine to do the work so you can get on with the jobs you enjoy.

Test the best services available to help you run your business

Beyond the daily management of your landscaping company, digitalization also makes it possible to attract new customers by developing your virtual presence.

The basic ways to attract new customers

Landscaping software to test to boost your business

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There is a host of landscaping design management software available. We have picked several of them to help you with your administrative tasks and facilitate life on-site. Then it’s up to you to pick the best one for you!

If you are particularly interested in 3D garden design software and you are looking for a reliable alternative to AutoCAD, check out the 5 packages we reviewed. And to maximize your chances of winning a big contract, use virtual reality for “total immersion”.

Virtual reality, the ultimate sales pitch

Transform your smartphone into a virtual assistant

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You probably have no idea of all the things your smartphone can do for you. Many applications have been developed to help landscape designers in their jobs, including soil analyzes, ground slope calculations, plant identification and cartography…

Here is a list of the apps landscapers prefer

One app insufficiently used is the camera. Modern smartphones have cameras with enough picture quality to use on social networks and your website. To create a portfolio “which grabs viewers”, here are some easy ways to add “star quality” to the photos of your creations.

6 pro-tips for taking better photographs of your green space

Make the most of the top social networks

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In addition to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are the most consulted social networks. Based on visuals, they are ideal for relaying your landscape creations, providing you use them to their fullest extent. Do you want to reach out to prospects with beautiful photographs and inspirational videos?

Boost your business on Instagram

Or do you prefer spontaneous and amusing videos? Try TikTok: other landscape designers use it to build their business.

Go even further with new technologies

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Digitalizing your company, also means adopting “niche” innovations basically unused by landscapers which make it possible to approach your job in a radically different way. Have you heard about 3D printing applied to landscaping trades? Very useful for R&D prototyping, it can be used to make 3D models of landscape installations or to print spare parts, like hose pipe extenders.

3D printing can transform the way you work

Drones are invaluable due to all the tasks they can carry out such epidemiologic monitoring, accurate surface measurements and plantation growth rates… An example? A drone can save 60% of the time normally needed to inventory a forest. And that is just for starters!

Soar above the competition with a drone

A host of innovations are making rapid progress in the landscaping sector. To keep you on the fast track, Paysalia summarizes all that is new and presents all the services, software, products and trends on which to base the digitalization of your landscaping company.

Meet the latest landscaping innovations at Paysalia

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